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Daniel Radcliffe’s first movie post-Harry Potter, The Woman in Black, finally sees release tomorrow, Feb. 3, and The DLB recently sat down with him to discuss the film and his post-Potter career.

Tell me about choosing this script.

One of the first things [director James Watkins] and I talked about and what attracted me to the script was that it was a horror film but it felt unusual within the genre because a) it was so character-driven, b) had such great themes of loss and what happens to us if we can’t move on from a loss.

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The DLB recently spoke to Paranormal Activity 3 star Lauren Bittner about the latest entry in the found footage spookshow series.

How was it sold to you in terms of tone and quality?

As far as selling it to me, you didn’t have to sell it much because I was just so excited. It kind of spoke for itself, because I agree with you, I thought it was very smart and an idea I couldn’t believe other people hadn’t thought of.

But it was the kind of thing where they were like ‘look, people want to know this story, people want to know more. We’re not grasping at straws here. There are holes. People want to fill in the blanks. People have been filling in the blanks in between movies by themselves anyway. Let’s fill it in for them. Let’s give them the story. Let’s tell them what happened.’ And that was very exciting for me to go back in time and kind of see where it all started. That was very intriguing. I thought that was a really smart idea.

Because with any great movie that’s always the thing where you want to know what happens next and you want to know what happens before. It’s good. It keeps you asking questions like ‘where did they come from’ and ‘I wish I could spend more time with them after the two hours is over.’ So for me that was the key, I just thought that was so smart. Fans were already so invested in these two girls, and given the gift to go back in time and see their lives before we met them to me was very smart and interesting.


I understand that there wasn’t a concrete script in place. How did that work on set?

We had a writer and script although the nature of it was very loose and there was a lot of improv and stuff, we definitely had some guidance. I don’t want to take all the credit because I was certainly given an outline and ideas and pages and stuff like that. But that’s kind of how it was. It was kind of like a loose structure where you go and have tons of freedom to play and see where it goes. But I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t definitely some guidance, but practically speaking it is scary in parts to go in and not exactly know what’s going to happen. You have to be willing to go with the flow and roll with anything.


Paranormal Activity 4 just got greenlit. Would you have any interest in returning to the series if that were an option?

Oh, of course. Absolutely. Of course. If they wanted me back, I’d be happy to be part of it.



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Starring Egbert Jan Weeber, Bert Luppes and Huub Stapel

Written and directed by Dick Maas

eOne Entertainment

The recent angry Facebook status updates I have noticed from those looking to reclaim their right to wish people “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” speaks to just how protective some people get about Christmas… sorry, the holiday season. Similarly, the Dutch take their equivalent, Sinterklaas, very seriously, to the point where poet and artist Quinsy Gario was pepper sprayed and arrested in Dordrecht, Holland, last month for wearing a  homemade T-shirt that read “Zwarte Piet is Racism.” (Zwarte Piet — or Black Pete — is Sinterklaas’s Sambo-like servant.)

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Starring Christopher Nicholas Smith, Laura Bittner and Chloe Csengery

Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman

Written by Christopher B. Landon


At this point in the life (afterlife?) of the Paranormal Activity franchise, it’s virtually impossible to judge the films based on their artistic merits. Instead one has to go by the visceral reactions of the audience. Did they jump? Did they scream? That is what sells these films, not whether or not they are good or even scary.

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The fact that it was a dark and stormy night the evening I ventured onto a sketchy stretch of Toronto’s Queen Street East to find the secret locale in which was being staged Eldritch Theatre’s newest production, Doc Wuthergloom’s Haunted Medicine Show, only added to the sense of anticipation and apprehension I felt as I approached the venue, gave the secret knock, and whispered the password to gain entrance.

Concocted by local dark-minded theatrical scallywag Erick Woolfe (Madhouse Variations, Sideshow of the Damned), this one-man show (save for the pre- and post-show hawking of Doc Wuthergloom’s Home Exorcism Almanac by the Doc’s lovely and persistent assistant) finds Woolfe himself in top form and top hat in the role of Doctor Pretorius Wuthergloom. A skeleton-faced carnie-cum-trickster with a deep knowledge of the arcane, Wuthergloom uses puppets and simple props to tell spooky stories of madness, lost love, and revenge from beyond the grave. Woolfe – or Wuthergloom – is also an accomplished magician, and his card tricks and sleights of hand are all in aid of selling us his almanac (only a measly five dollars)… all for our own protection, of course, against the malevolent forces being called upon this evening.

The fact that Wolfe can make us shiver as well as shake with laughter is a testament to not only the strength of his writing, which calls upon the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft and his ideas of old gods and revenge from beyond the grave, but also to the power of lighting, sound and suggestion. Doc Wuthergloom’s Haunted Medicine Show is a fine-tuned little theatrical engine best seen in a small venue like this where Wuthergloom himself can reach out and pluck you from the audience – if you are female that is.

Doc Wuthergloom’s Haunted Medicine Show runs until November 6. Tickets are available for sale online at, and the location of the show is only revealed to those brave enough to buy a ticket. Be brave.


Rating: 4.5/5







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Toronto After Dark Film Festival founder Adam Lopez announced the next slate of macabre movies to show at his fast-growing genre film festival, which will take place at the Toronto Underground Cinema between Oct. 20 and 27, on last night’s edition of Inner Space. Among the new additions:

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Starring Sam Stockman, Emily Plumtree, Matt Stokoe and Jessica Ellerby

Directed by Michael Axelgaard

Written by Matthew Holt


Description: The Blair Witch Project meets Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Plot: Four old school friends drive into the remote British countryside and discover an ancient tree where there have been several strange suicides involving young couples. They soon discover the area’s weird history, including the legend of the evil ghost of a monk said to drive its victims mad. At the same time, old jealousies and emotions threaten to drive the friends apart and maybe end their lives.

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Starring Rose Byrne, Patrick Watson and Lin Shaye

Directed by James Wan

Directed by Leigh Whannell



The fact that Insidious is the most profitable film of 2011 is heartening for those of us who appreciate original horror. This comeback from directing-writing team James Wan and Leigh Whannell – the minds behind the original Saw – is a clever twist on the well-worn haunted house genre, one which eschews the gore and degradation into which their franchise property fell.

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 Starring Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, Thierry Frémont, Saïd Taghmaoui

Written and directed by Hugues Martin & Sandra Martin

eOne Films


Politics meet horror in the French film Stranded (a.k.a. Djinns”, the debut feature from married filmmakers Hugues and Sandra Martin.

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The Worldwide Short Film Festival is currently underway in Toronto, and horror fans will want to hit The Bloor Cinema tonight just before midnight for the “Creepy” portion of the festival’s two-night Midnight Mania programme. (The “Freaky” section, which is bizarre but not really horror, plays tomorrow night at the Royal Ontario Museum.)

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