TADFF: Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

Monday’s Toronto After Dark feature, the Japanese splat-comedy Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, was a surprisingly funny and heartfelt riff on teen rom-coms, albeit with considerably more arterial sprays and dismemberments than one normally sees from the likes of a Pretty In Pink or She’s All That.

Co-directors Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) and Naoyuki Tomomatsu (Stacy) throw everything they have at the screen, which usually means mutated body parts. The imagination on display is incredible (what did the school principal/mad scientist do with that dead body? Yeesh.) More sensitive audiences might blanch at the school’s champion wrist-cutting club or the girls who go to extreme lengths to come off as African-American (an image meant to make fun of the girls who actually do it, not blacks, we are told prior to the screening.

One Response to “TADFF: Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl”

  1. I had so much fun at this screening, and I possibly had more fun while writing my review for it – is that even possible? I’d really like it if you checked it out. Let me know what you think.


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