Tonight at TADFF: Trick ‘R Treat

The Internet has been keeping X-Men 2 co-writer Michael Dougherty’s directorial debut, Trick ‘R Treat, alive these last two years as its parent company, Warner, decided what to do with it. Festival appearances and special screenings set the blogosphere on fire with word of this fun and original horror film that wasn’t a sequel or a remake.

Trick ‘R Treat makes its public Canadian debut tonight at The Bloor, and it’s worth lining up at 6 p.m. for rush seats if you don’t already have a ticket. Yes, it’s coming out on DVD Oct. 6, but seeing it with a crowd will amp up its considerable delights that much more.

Visually inspired by EC Comics, Trick ‘R Treat deftly weaves together four stories — an old man (Brian Cox) whose past comes back to punish him, a group of sassy young girls trying to shepherd their friend (True Blood‘s Anna Paquin) towards her “first time,” a stressed-out single dad (Dylan Baker) with sinister intentions, and a group of cruel kids who play an unwise trick on a nerdy acquaintance. And providing a through line is Sam, a little kid with a spooky sack cloth mask whose bloody intentions are more trick than treat.

The film is beautifully shot (lit pumpkins provide much of the muted lighting), and the viciousness of the tongue-in-cheek violence, especially against kids, may be one reason Warner decided to make this a “DVD Premiere” title instead of a theatrical release. (It was supposed to come out October 2007.) There’s also a strong sensual/sexual vibe which adds an uncomfortably erotic edge to the proceedings. The Halloween in Trick ‘R Treat isn’t just for kids.

Enough words. Watch the trailer (courtesy of Movie List):

Looks great, right? Watch it at TADFF and be sure to pick up the DVD October 6. And watch for video with director Michael Dougherty right here on Dark Lord Bunnykins tomorrow.

Dark Lord Bunnykins

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