TADFF preview: Grace (closing night gala)


TADFF’s closing night gala, Grace, apparently caused two men to leave its Sundance premiere, it was that intense. While their reactions might be ascribed to simply pussy-ism, director Paul Solet’s acclaimed flick is a harrowing exploration of one woman’s determination to be a mother.

Cabin Fever‘s Jordan Ladd plays Grace, a mother-to-be who only became pregnant after two miscarriages. When her husband and unborn baby die in a car crash, she decides to deliver the corpse… except when it comes time, her child is born miraculously alive. Except it isn’t, and requires a diet of fresh blood to stave off the flies which gather around its cradle.

Director Paul Solet’s debut full-length feature was born a creature feature but rewritten into an affecting, dark drama in which anyone — man or woman — who has had trouble starting a family will recognize the emotional truth. Ladd gives a great performance as a woman whose desire to be a mother defies Death itself, as does Canadian actress Gabrielle Rose as Grace’s mother-in-law, who seems at first to be an emotionally-abusive harpie but is revealed to simply be a concerned mother herself.

Look for moments of discomfort at tonight’s screening, which will be attended by Solet himself.

One Response to “TADFF preview: Grace (closing night gala)”

  1. It was an interesting film indeed, although it didn’t quite meet my expectations. It’s still hard to imagine that two men fainted during the Sundance Premier, in that case there must have been a lot of puking going on during the premier for Inside (highly recommend this one, by the way). haha

    I’ll be posting my review for the film shortly, still trying to figure out what exactly I want to say…I’ll keep you posted if you’re interested 🙂 .

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