Toronto International Film Festival preview: Suck

The newly vampirized band The Winners from "Suck"


Genres: Horror, comedy, music

Starring: Rob Stefaniuk, Jessica Pare, Dimitri Coats

Cameos: Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Moby, Henry Rollins

Plot: A loserish Canadian rock band called The Winners (irony!) gets a shot of life when their bass player (Pare) becomes one of the undead, and suddenly their gigs are filled with those curious to see a vampire rock band. On their trail, though, is vampire hunter Eddie Van Helsing (Malcolm McDowell: Rob Zombie’s Halloween, A Clockwork Orange).

Thoughts: Writer/director/star Rob Stefaniuk (Phil The Alien) is really opening himself up for a trashing with a movie title like that. But Suck doesn’t. His script gives great lines to every actor (especially Chris Ratz as put-upon French Canadian roadie-turned-Renfield Hugo), and his musical background means that he’s able to take the piss out of the wannabe rock star life with authority. Cameos by the likes of Moby and Alice Cooper smack of stunt casting, but these celebs acquit themselves well, especially vegan Moby as Beef, a steak-loving Buffalo punk rocker. The rock score is decent, too, composed as it was by Canadian punk/rock vet John Kastner (Asexuals, The Doughboys).

Toronto nightlife denizens will recognize downtown shooting locations like the Bovine Sex Club, Shanghai Cowgirl and The Reverb, while local fashion house Play Dead Cult’s artwork and logos are all over the place.

Cocktail party descriptor:Hard Core Logo crossed with Near Dark


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