ARTIST: The Cruxshadows

CD SINGLE: ‘Quicksilver’

LABEL: Wishfire Records

Cruxshadows singer Rogue

Cruxshadows singer Rogue

Following up the success of their 2008 single ‘Immortal’, Florida-born goth/electro band The Cruxshadows release the single ‘Quicksilver’ on Sept. 8, backed with the new tracks ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Roland’, as well as a ‘Quicksilver’ radio edit and an EBM-style remix.

‘Quicksilver’: A driving dark electro dance track, ‘Quicksilver’ contrasts a bubbling bass line with edgy synths, punctuated by bursts of violin. Singer Rogue sells the song with an impassioned performance.

‘Avalanche’: Slightly less catchy, ‘Avalanche’s melody isn’t as strong as ‘Quicksilver’, but is still suitable for dancing, minus the piano-led, mid-song breakdown that should give Goths like us a great opportunity to play jazz hands. Reminiscent of Ultravox overall.

‘Roland’: A moody piano-driven ballad whose ambitions are modestly epic.

RATING: 3.5/5


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