adam brody


He was 23 when he started on The O.C. Now Adam Brody is playing Nikolai, a “budding rock singer bent on fame and fortune at all costs” in Jennifer’s Body. To do that, he and his band, Low Shoulder, sacrifice a virgin (so they think) to Satan. We spoke to Adam on the film’s Vancouver set.


Did he have any trepidations about playing evil?

There was a little bit. It doesn’t take any more thought than any movie, I guess. It was new for me, and I wanted to make sure I could do a good job first and foremost. I wanted to make sure that if I was going to do it, I had a real idea of what to do with it and that I wasn’t going to be a blasé guy.


About Nikolai:

He’s just really put-upon by society. He had aspirations to be an artist, and the fuckin’ man isn’t going to accept just good music. You have to do all these things and jump through all these hoops. So we figure soundtrack’s out, can’t get on Letterman, let’s go for a virgin sacrifice.


Is it freeing to play an evil character?

Oh, it’s really freeing actually. And what’s really cool is villains are very powerful, not physically, but you’re in control of the situation. Whereas the protagonist ends up running around trying to save the day and is out of sorts the whole movie. That’s cool, to sort of never sweat.


What was your inspiration for playing Nikolai, music-wise?

Initially the concept was kind of Fall Out Boy-esque. I just tried to bring a little Morrissey, Joy Division into it if I could. Interpol, whatever. Whatever. It’s all the same when you’re wearing eye liner.


On playing a non-teenage character:

It’s something I’ve been striving to do. It’s funny. There’s a… not competition, but I see it with all the actors my own age. Everyone’s racing to play a dad, a CIA operative for ten years. And I feel that, too, especially going into a high school show [The O.C.], and when that show started I was 23. I knew even then: ‘Ah shit. I don’t want to be stuck on this for ten years.’ But it was good work and I had a great time. Fortunately everyone else was around the same age so it made me feel better to be in that group.

It’s nice to finally break free of playing the kid, and what’s really cool is now I think the roles start getting more interesting, when you’re not a student. Now you can have different jobs, careers. You can research those and learn a little about them, just as an extracurricular thing. So I’m excited to play my own age. What’s really funny is to be back in a high school movie. My friend Chris Pratt, who played on the last season of The O.C., is also in this movie, and I was looking at him the other day like ‘man, this is great. We’re here, we’re not in high school. We just were a year ago, I believe I was in a scene with you. And here we are, adults in a high school movie. It’s funny to see a whole generation, my peers as actors and people I work with now, transition into not playing kids anymore.


On his favourite type of horror:.

I really like a Tim Burton aesthetic. I really like gothic more than horror. Foggy, moonlit nights. I love that stuff.

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