It’s Jennifer’s Body, but, arguably, this is Amanda Seyfried’s movie. Seyfried, best known for her role on the HBO hit Big Love, plays Jennifer’s (Megan Fox) best friend Needy, and it’s primarily through her eyes that we see Jennifer wreak her devastation. We spoke (briefly) to Amanda on the JB set:


The irony of her character’s name:

Actually, Jennifer’s needy. She just doesn’t know it.


Needy is a “normal, balanced young girl. I feel like I can relate to her in a lot of ways. I brought my own insecurity to her.”


On Diablo’s dialogue:

It’s kind of hard, I think. What’s tough about Diablo’s writing is that you try not to laugh because you’re not supposed to.


She’ not really a fan of horror:

They gave me lots of nightmares, and I’m very affected by real life and my dreams. I really don’t get a good sleep at night. Things in my life and things that I see that aren’t even real. I was haunted by them as a child.”


She hasn’t been sleeping well during filming:

I know it’s all fake, but it seeps into my subconscious and it affects me to the point that I can’t even watch this stuff. I had to watch when Jennifer was being sacrificed and it was really horrible.


On the character of Jennifer:

She is a shallow person.


On girls against girls:

I dealt with it all when I was younger. I’m kind of shy when it comes to that. I’m not into being direct about it because I will notice it when there’s stuff going on and there’s stuff bubbling between women and girls. It’s uncomfortable. It’s a horrible feeling to have tension with somebody that you can’t even talk about it with. You feel insecure.


Is Jennifer’s Body an important movie for teenage girls to see:

Absolutely. It shows you that you don’t really get anywhere from being rude or mean. And biting boys, it’s not going to get you anywhere! And also success, the need for that can be killer. There are a lot of messages in this movie.


Why are women mean to one another?:

Menstrual cycles. I don’t know. Women are more emotional. It’s the way it is, and that can lead to a lot of things: taking things too seriously, taking things to heart, overanalyzing things. Also, it’s jealousy issues and competition issues. We’ve always had to fight harder for things in the past, and things are balancing out these days, thank God. There’s always some kind of hatred, for no reason.


What was it light fighting with Megan Fox?:

Kind of fun. Not emotionally exhausting, very physically exhausting. I got a few bruises from her bBecause I was straddling her for days. We got pretty close physically, and I was strapped to her. It was kind of fun, and I feel like I got a good workout from it.

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