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The Halloween Dracula Tour takes place next month, October 27-November 3, and there are still openings. Join vampire and horror enthusiasts on the travel adventure of a lifetime which brings thrill-seeking travelers to Transylvania, Romania.  

Now is last call for monster mavens to spend Halloween nigh in Dracula’s Castle along with fellow wishing to take the journey through the Romanian countryside following in the footsteps of Bram Stoker’s novel, “Dracula.” There is an equal portion of history, involving Vlad Tepes, plus the myth and mystery surrounding Dracula, and all the ways that Vlad inspired Dracula.


The tour visits Snagov Island, where a secluded monastery contains Vlad’s coffin. There’s a visit to Vlad’s birthplace in the best-preserved medieval town in all of Europe, Sighisoara. This is the region of Transylvania where there were attempts to build a “DraculaLand” theme park. While there, the group also ventures into a haunted graveyard, takes part in a witch trial (a re-creation, that is) and also climbs the historic Clock Tower above the Torture Chamber and torture museum. The group explores the historic ruins of Vlad’s Poenari Castle, the true Castle Dracula, which is as breathtaking as the more tourist-visited Bran Castle, also on the itinerary. One of the cities that the tour visits, Sibiu, was the European Culture Capitol, so mixing the chills & thrills with the cultural aspect will bring the trip to a whole new level. In Sibiu, the group visits the Evangelical Church built in 1300, which contains burial vaults in its crypt connected to both Dracula and the legend of Frankenstein.


Ascending up Borgo Pass into the Carpethian Mountains, travelers follow the path of Jonathan Harker, the character described in the Dracula novel. The group has late-night parties along the way, but the highlight is unquestionably the  gala annual Halloween masquerade ball in Dracula’s Castle, as travelers from all over the U.S., Canada and overseas experience what is the definitive costume celebration, in the dungeon room at Dracula’s Castle in Piatra Fantanele atop the Romanian alps. This costume gala is preceded by an outdoor bonfire with music by local gypsy musicians, followed by a multi-course meal, culminating with a gala monster mash costume extravaganza and dancing into the early morning hours.


Every single traveler will be given a gift “swag bag” filled with vampire & horror tirck or treat goodies new level. A “bloody” good time is guaranteed for all.


“Dracula Tour” is the only fully-escorted, professionally guided vacation organized by fans for fans. The trip is open to all ages, and welcomes couples, families and solo travelers. There is both educational and entertainment value for anyone looking for an unusual week-long ghoulish getaway. Vampire fans, vampire slayers and perhaps even vampires are obviously all welcome, and all get along harmoniously. This is the 12th annual trip to Transylvania presented by Tours of Terror.


For further details on the “Dracula Tour,” call toll-free (866) T-E-R-R-O-R-T-O-U-R

(direct line 203-795-4737) or visit the website

To read reports on past “Vampire Vacations” visit here:


112 years later, Bram Stoker would be proud.

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