PRESS RELEASE: New Tour to Haunt New York for Halloween from Uncle Sam’s

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Uncle Sam’s walking tours is getting into the spirit of Halloween by offering a new ghost tour. This event will capture the essence of the beginnings of Washington Square Park as a burial ground in its early history.

Washington Square Park and the surrounding area have long been known for its sightings from the beyond. On this walking tour, our guides will explain the history behind some of the most famous ghostly occurrences and why these alleged spirits have decided to take residence up in this particular area of New York City.

After touring the eerie square we will wind our way around many old streets in Greenwich Village and see some hauntingly beautiful homes of those who have walked the earth before us and possibly still do!

After a sufficient dose of haunting and supernatural stories, the tour winds down at dinner with your guide and other apparition enthusiasts at the Jekyll and Hyde Bar, which is the most popular haunted hangout in Greenwich Village.

Uncle Sam’s New York will be offering this tour daily from Friday, October 26th through Saturday, October 31st for a total of nine days running. The tour lasts two hours and will start at 2pm under the Washington Square Arch at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Waverly Place.

Even if your belief in the ethereal is doubtful at best, our tour guides will provide you with stories, facts, and witness accounts that will rekindle your reluctant belief. This tour is certain to raise the hair on your necks, have you looking twice into the darkness and relaying stories of the ghoulish sights and sounds from Washington Square Park!

Uncle Sam’s New York offers daily New York City walking tours, pub crawls, and night club tours that immerses travelers in the history, culture, and glamour that make New York City the world’s greatest city. On our tours, New York City’s best tour guides will provide you a social, interactive experience that allows you to interact with the guide and meet new people.

At Uncle Sam’s New York, we believe that a tour should become a bonding experience for friends, families, and strangers alike – thrown together in an intimate look at the city. Whether you are traveling alone or with a large group, our tours offer you a chance to meet new people from across the world and go home with a story.

Media Contact:
Sofia Sanchez

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