Sunday, October 25, 2009
11:00am – 7:00pm
Pia Bouman school of dance
6 Noble Street
Toronto, ON
Plastik Wrap is pleased to announce, that they are taking over the organization of “The Bazaar of the Bizarre 2009” from The Royal Sarcophagus Society.
RSS will be working with them to insure a smooth transition.
They thank them for all of their support and input.


If you have not been a part of the last bazaar and do not know what to expect…it is a Halloween Marketplace!

Artists, clothing designers, craft-folk, publishers and other independent makers of all things exotic, whimsical and macabre are encouraged to join us for this eccentric emporium of curious crafts, to be held Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 6 Noble Street (Queen West of Dufferin).

We are quite excited about it being THE Halloween shopping destination.

Bizarre Vendors:

* Baby’s First BOO!
* Batwings & Battleaxes
* Beat Black
* Bibelot Forest
* Biomechanical Candy
* Bird at the Window
* BitchCraft
* Burning Effigy Press
* ChiZine Publications
* Creepy Christine
* Cristina Campolieto
* Curious Oddities
* Dirty Little Secrets
* Eden Bachelder Fine Art and Illustration
* Edenwool
* Freya’s Braids Handcrafted Jewelry
* Joey Suriano
* Kaotic Ekko’s Curiosities
* Magda Trzaski
* Monster Kookies
* Monster Muffin
* My Ghoul Friday
* neatTreats
* Plague Doctor Apparel
* Plastik Wrap
* Random Pretty Things
* Retro G Couture
* Sci Feye Candy
* Sew Scary
* She’s Batty Designs
* Sick On Sin
* Sword in the Stone Crafts
* The Gnarled Branch
* The Royal Sarcophagus Society
* To Die For Designs
* Undeadclothingco
* Valkyria Art & Jewellery
* Victorian Charm Jewelry
* vintagelove
* WORN Fashion Journal

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