Northbound Leather’s TRIBE
DJ JIMI LAMORT (Northbound Fetish Night)
Dungeon with 30+ stations
Shuttle service from pre-party at Woody’s, 467 Church Street
TICKETS: $45 advance (includes tax), $55 at the door (includes tax), Limited VIP packages available for $120. (VIP Package Includes: Line By-Pass, Access to VIP Lounge, Separate VIP Coat Check, Hot & cold Catering and 4 Free Drinks)
Tickets on-sale now at Northbound Leather (586 Yonge Street, Toronto) or Call 416 972-1037 for info

Producer: George Giaouris
Creative Director & Designer: Marty Rotman
Choreographer: Len Henry (returns for the first time since the 5th show)

TORONTO, ON (Canada), October, 2009

Tribe is the story of a young man’s journey or rite of passage into manhood. He will be put through initiation ceremonies, which he must pass in order to be a full-fledged member of the tribe.

Some of those activities include:
Bullwhip / Flogging
Play Piercing
Fire Play
Blood Sports / Cutting

The look for the models is real people who have tattoos, piercings, scarification, branding, alternative looks and body modification. Real people are being used not models to fit the bill.
“The aesthetic for this show is very punky-tribe, explains Northbound Leather designer Marty Rotman.” Details include:
-Lots of silver and metal hardware, studding, chain as well as corseting detail.
-Makeup with facial tattoos and lots of body tattoos.
-Punk and tribe historical references.
-There is also a nod to Thierry Mugler and the current trend of large shoulder details.
-Road Warrior-Mad Max aesthetic is also in the mix, along with a punk rock Roller Derby skate scene starring “Landshark” Toronto’s most renowned roller derby enthusiast.
Vampirism will also be integrated as well. Vampires are done in a very modern, gothic tailored full-length coat. The jackets will have collars that turn into the yoke design i.e. a collar that extends into the sleeve/arm hole, something that Karl Lagerfeld has touched upon lately.
“There will be a leather fetish fashion take on traditional tribal costumes. No one tribe is necessarily being singled out, perhaps a culmination of many into one, our FETISH TRIBE, explains Marty Rotman.”

Before the event starts, Northbound will be creating a Red Carpet entrance to the venue for the first time ever. Local media personality Enza Supermodel will host the carpet a la style of Joan Rivers which will be recorded for the Tribe DVD available around Christmas.

From the owner and founder of Northbound Leather:
“During this recession, customers are not buying the traditional leather pieces like chaps anymore but surprisingly they are buying the more wild, high-end and custom made pieces such as $1500+ leather gowns and uniforms, says owner George Giaouris. My store has always done bespoke tailoring but during the last year that part of the business is now huge. People come in and tell us what they want and since the 60‘s we’ve made it for them. People who shop with us want to stand out and be unique. Also selling well during this recession is Extreme sex toys including electrical toys that connect to your computer called Sex-Tek that allow another person online to control toys such as penis rings or insertion toys connected to your computer. Again, customers come to us for exclusive unique sex play toys that you can’t find anywhere else in Canada. Other Northbound news includes the success of our new monthly seminars. We provide seminars in-store on a range of topics exclusive to our customers. Those topics have included Rope Bondage and how to make a corset out of rope, Erotic Fire play and Sound Instruction. And finally the first-ever “Mistress Registry” has been revamped on our site. Similar to a wish list, you create a profile and select items that people can buy for you.”
Northbound Leather Backgrounder
“When my father started the store back in the 60’s in Yorkville, we were producing purple vests with floor length fringes that were beaded at the ends for hippies. Our transition to Yonge Street in the 70s kept us on the leading edge of current fashions including glam rock, punk and heavy metal. We always provided what was just emerging. Things that you couldn’t get anywhere else.” recalls George Giaouris.
The company, known as Northbound Leather since 1987, grew out of a family leather business that dates back to 1961 in Greece. The first family leather store in Canada dates back to 1969 in Yorkville, moving to Yonge Street in 1970, where it has been for 38 years. Northbound is the only major Canadian leather retailer that continues to manufacture all it’s clothing in Canada as it strongly endorses local design and manufacturing and maintains an anti-sweatshop and out-sourcing policy. Northbound’s first fetish fashion show was held in 1979 at the St. Lawrence North Hall that attracted more than 600 people, mostly gay men. The next major party was held in 1988 in a Yorkville club called The Copa. The success of that event spawned monthly fetish parties, originally called The Betty Page Social Club, now known as “Fetish Night” that continues to this day at Goodhandy’s (120 Church Street, Toronto) and has become the longest running club night in Canadian history. Fetish Night will celebrate its 20th Anniversary as a monthly party this February 2010. As well Northbound has produced and sponsored fetish events in Montreal and ran a store in Chicago, USA and Montreal. The company’s website is also fully translated into French. The website launched 14 years ago and was one of the first retail web sites in the world. Northbound has also been a leader in social media such as Facebook with over 4000 members. Northbound has donated well over a $125,000 in cash or products to various charitable organizations including Gelato Cup -Prostrate Cancer Research, Book Lovers Ball a Toronto Public Library fundraiser, Casey House AIDS Hospice, Mr. Leather Toronto and a 11-year involvement with Fashion Cares.

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