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The DLB’s New York adventures began last Sunday when he attended the final night of the New York City Horror Film Festival. The main feature screening was Long Island filmmaker Frank Sabatella’s Blood Night: The Legend of Molly Hatchet. Inspired by ’80s slashers, Blood Night sees a bunch of partying teens hunted, it would seem, by Mary Hatchet, a local legend who butchered her parents and is said to haunt the area in search of the child that was taken from her prior to her death by cop. It’s a low-budget affair that wears its influences on its tattered sleeves and indulges, knowingly, in every possible horror movie cliche, although its self-awareness doesn’t entirely absolve it of its flaws. Nevertheless, slasher fans will be pleased by the relentless gore, plentiful female nudity and the spirited presence of genre stalwart Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects, Repo! The Genetic Opera).

Blood Night's teen victims pre slice & dice

Prior to the screening, we got the chance to sit down with Frank Sabatella to talk about the local legend that inspired the film, working with Bill Moseley, and the influence of ’80s horror.

Blood Night director Frank Sabatella

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The Dark Lord Bunnykins has returned from a restorative, week-long sojourn to New York City, and has returned with much posting goodness. First of all, Mrs. DLB and I visited the storefront for the Vampire Freaks social networking site, located at 189 Avenue A (between 11th and 12th Street). There we met VP CEO & webmaster Jet Berelson and employee Cornelius, explored the East Village’s premiere goth/industrial shopping hub, and chatted about NYC’s dark culture scene.

Mrs. DLB outside the Vampire Freaks store

Store employee Cornelius

Store owner and Vampire Freaks CEO Jet Berelson

Mrs. DLB decked out

Living Dead Dolls in good hands

Makes you want to have a kid!

The new goth Heidi Klum?

Thanks to Jet and Cornelius for their hospitality. To buy their clothes online, go to, or to join Vampire Freaks, go to


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Taylor Lautner... but you knew that

Okay, so it’s not horror and it’s definitely not dark culture… but The Twilight Saga: New Moon does have vampires and werewolves — albeit mostly pretty friendly (and shirtless) ones — plus I feel the need to post something before I go on vacation.

Yes, vacation! Take note that I’ll be on vaca starting tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 22), returning this Thursday, Nov. 26. So please come back Friday to see what I’ve got up to in New York, including some reportage from the New York City Horror Fest ( and a rundown of the MoMA’s Tim Burton exhibit!

As for New Moon, the Dark Lord Bunnykins played paparazzo at the film’s Toronto premiere, which brought out celebs including…

Band of Skulls

New Moon co-stars Billy Burke and Justin Chon

Project Runway Canada winner Sunny Fong (right) and friend

We also managed to snag some camera time with New Moon co-star Justin Chon…

…And British rock trio Band of Skulls, whose song ‘Friends’ appears on the film’s soundtrack:

As for the film itself, it’s overlong but not heinous. There are  laughable moments (Bella and Edward prancing in slo-mo through the forest — oh my) and some instances where Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner’s inability to act is particularly cringe-worthy, but it mostly captures the peculiarly teenage experience of true love and the attendant, paralyzing heartbreak its seeming end can bring. Hell, it’s worth going just to listen to the screams of the Twihards when Lautner and Pattinson take off their shirts, and smell the estrogen in the air.

If you want to know more, allow me to direct you to the December cover story of the magazine I edit, Access: Print versions of that issue will be available free in Bluenotes, Randy River, Foot Locker, CD Plus and and Urban Planet stores by early December and we’ve got a great New Moon contest in there so check it out.


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THIRST (a.k.a. Bawkji)


The Director: Chan-wook Park (Old Boy)

Starring: Kang-ho Song, Ok-vin Kim, Hae-sook Kim

The plot: Selfless priest Sang-hyeon (Kang-ho Song: The Host) is consumed by the sadness of the world so he volunteers to be a guinea pig in an experiment to find a cure for a contagious disease and, maybe, help save one person. The experiment fails and Sang-hyeon becomes infected, but an accidental transfusion of vampire blood cures him, and he becomes an object of worship for the miracle of his recovery.

One of his followers is childhood friend Kang Woo (Ha Kyun-Shin). Invited into his friend’s home, Sang-hyeon soon becomes entangled with his wife Tae-joo (Ok-vin Kim). Meanwhile, the contagion returns and the priest soon realizes that the only way to stave off its symptoms is to drink blood. Thus, his thirst – for both blood and pleasure –threatens to consume him.

The verdict: Director Chan-wook Park inability – or, likely, simple unwillingness – to commit to a genre (not exactly a horror film, Thirst oddly combines elements of melodrama, romance and thriller) makes it difficult to entirely empathize with his creation. It’s also overlong, although a mordant sense of humour keeps us engaged throughout.

Kang-ho Song as the priest is eminently sympathetic as a man caught between normal desires and a higher calling, and there’s an intense chemistry between him and co-star Ok-vin Kim, which makes for some truly erotic tension.

Rating: 7/10

GRIM DAYS Clothing Launches November 26th

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HOLLYWOOD, CA (November 15, 2009) – GRIM DAYS clothing and t-shirts are becoming all the rage as we announce GRIM DAYS official launch world-wide. GRIM DAYS is more than cool clothing; it is a lifestyle with some mysticism that speaks to the misfit in you.


Like so many of us, Grimley is just trying to find her way in life and comes across many adventures. Somewhere in her travels she finds a book called Charm School. Not knowing that this book has a double meaning – when you go to charm school you learn how to be graceful, but in this case it’s a spell book. This gets Grimley in all sorts of trouble!! Using her imagination to consciously conjure up a fortuitous future, Grimley attempts to have a positive influence in her life’s path but the Charm School book has other plans.


As Grimley conquers life and karma, step by step, she will release more designs to illustrate her escapades as she moves into unexplored territory. Check out her website every day to see what she’s written in her diary.  Be a part of Grimley’s story as her life’s journey unfolds.

Jodie Wilson, the creator of GRIM DAYS, has spent close to 20 years in the music industry, working for power-house bands such as Rob Zombie, Powerman 5000, Audioslave, Jurassic 5, and Monster Magnet. Wilson took a break from the music industry in 2007 and spent a year working with world renowned artist/designer, Paul Frank on his new design company, Tree Stitch Design.  After the year spent with Paul Frank, Wilson was more inspired to continue her work and has now allotted time to work on her labor of love – GRIM DAYS – based on her own dog Grimley, a rambunctious Boston Terrier full of piss and vinegar.


Be a part of the latest misfit hero and prepare to be charmed! GRIM DAYS is taking over so welcome friends, fiends, misfits, outcasts, lovers, fighters and everything in between!  We’re here to start the GRIM CULTURE, for those of us who believe in making the best we can out of this crazy life!

Check out the cool clothes and follow Grimley’s diary of adventure now at


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The DLB attended the Genitorturers show at Toronto’s Mod Club Sunday night and caught opening act Sex Slaves. Suitably impressed, gentlemen.

Here is the band playing their song ‘Me and My Friends’:


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Gen from the Genitorturers

Florida-based, industrial-strength rock & roll metal band Genitorturers rolled into Toronto Sunday night to make the Sabbath that much blacker. They played a set that spanned their career, including a number of tracks from their new album Blackheart Revolution.

Here they are performing ‘Public Enemy #1’ off the Flesh Is The Law record:

And here is the Dark Lord Bunnykins interview with Genitorturers leader Gen: