(Maple Pictures)


The Cast: Milla Jovovich, Elias Koteas, Will Patton

The Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi


The Plot: Alaskan psychiatrist Abbey Tyler (Jovovich: Resident Evil) investigates the possibility that some of her patients from the small town of Nome are survivors of alien abduction, i.e the fourth kind of alien encounter.

The Verdict: Director Osunsanmi’s approach – that his movie is a re-enactment of actual events, acknowledged by Jovovich in a slightly off-putting speech given at the film’s beginning – ups the creep factor, even though, apparently, it’s not real at all. He also employs a series of devices – split screens, overlapping narration, “real” Paranormal Activity-style video footage– which blur the line between fiction and (supposed) reality.

Jovovich gives it her all as the psychiatrist and mother dealing with an improbable situation, although the performance by the woman (unlisted in the credits) who plays the “real” Dr. Tyler is far more harrowing, as she recalls the events in an on-screen interview.

Those looking to see aliens or an actual abduction will be disappointed, but, like The Mothman Prophecies, The Fourth Kind still manages to spook through what it suggests, not what it shows. Not an entirely successful film, The Fourth Kind certainly deserves an encounter of the checking-it-out-in-theatres kind.


Rating: 7/10


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