The Six Metre Man Is Unveiled At The Gerstein Science Information Centre

The Six Metre Man


Toronto ON – November 13, 2009 – Since the opening of Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS & The Story of the Heart on October 9 at The Ontario Science Centre, more than 50,000 visitors have experienced the wonders of the human body.  Now, local library visitors in the heart of the city will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the exhibition with the display of “The 6 Metre Man” at the University of Toronto’s Gerstein Science Information Centre beginning the week of November 16.
“Gerstein ,the University’s science and medicine library, is very excited to host the 6 Metre Man and anticipates the exhibit will generate considerable interest among students and visitors to the building,” said the Centre’s Director Sandra Langlands. “Visitors are welcome. Please drop by to see the ‘6 Metre Man’ in the lobby of the University’s original library and then stop a while to enjoy our recently renovated 1892 Gerstein Reading Room which, in October, received an honourable mention at the 2009 Heritage Toronto Awards.” The library is located at 9 King’s College Circle.
The Six Meter Man is an expanded body comprised of more than 80 cross section slices of bones, organs, and tissue. This real human body has been preserved through sheet or slice Plastination, a process that replaces water in the body with special resins.  The resins are cured using ultra-violet light and result in permanent anatomical specimens which can be used to study human anatomy. The end result is a transparent visual that is arranged to identify and expanded view of the entire body – from head-to-toe. This specimen is part of Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS & The Story of the Heart exhibition currently at the Ontario Science Centre for a limited engagement.  The exhibition features more than 200
authentic human specimens, including entire bodies, individual organs, as well as transparent body slices like the ones seen here. 
All the specimens in BODY WORLDS, including The Six Meter Man, are from body donors who, during their lifetime, decided that upon their death their bodies could be preserved and presented through Plastination for teaching and for public display in the BODY WORLDS exhibitions.

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