Taylor Lautner... but you knew that

Okay, so it’s not horror and it’s definitely not dark culture… but The Twilight Saga: New Moon does have vampires and werewolves — albeit mostly pretty friendly (and shirtless) ones — plus I feel the need to post something before I go on vacation.

Yes, vacation! Take note that I’ll be on vaca starting tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 22), returning this Thursday, Nov. 26. So please come back Friday to see what I’ve got up to in New York, including some reportage from the New York City Horror Fest (www.nychorrorfest.com) and a rundown of the MoMA’s Tim Burton exhibit!

As for New Moon, the Dark Lord Bunnykins played paparazzo at the film’s Toronto premiere, which brought out celebs including…

Band of Skulls

New Moon co-stars Billy Burke and Justin Chon

Project Runway Canada winner Sunny Fong (right) and friend

We also managed to snag some camera time with New Moon co-star Justin Chon…

…And British rock trio Band of Skulls, whose song ‘Friends’ appears on the film’s soundtrack:

As for the film itself, it’s overlong but not heinous. There are  laughable moments (Bella and Edward prancing in slo-mo through the forest — oh my) and some instances where Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner’s inability to act is particularly cringe-worthy, but it mostly captures the peculiarly teenage experience of true love and the attendant, paralyzing heartbreak its seeming end can bring. Hell, it’s worth going just to listen to the screams of the Twihards when Lautner and Pattinson take off their shirts, and smell the estrogen in the air.

If you want to know more, allow me to direct you to the December cover story of the magazine I edit, Access: http://www.accessmag.com. Print versions of that issue will be available free in Bluenotes, Randy River, Foot Locker, CD Plus and and Urban Planet stores by early December and we’ve got a great New Moon contest in there so check it out.

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