The Dark Lord Bunnykins has returned from a restorative, week-long sojourn to New York City, and has returned with much posting goodness. First of all, Mrs. DLB and I visited the storefront for the Vampire Freaks social networking site, located at 189 Avenue A (between 11th and 12th Street). There we met VP CEO & webmaster Jet Berelson and employee Cornelius, explored the East Village’s premiere goth/industrial shopping hub, and chatted about NYC’s dark culture scene.

Mrs. DLB outside the Vampire Freaks store

Store employee Cornelius

Store owner and Vampire Freaks CEO Jet Berelson

Mrs. DLB decked out

Living Dead Dolls in good hands

Makes you want to have a kid!

The new goth Heidi Klum?

Thanks to Jet and Cornelius for their hospitality. To buy their clothes online, go to, or to join Vampire Freaks, go to


  1. Love the shop! I would, however, like to see a little something (in the way of clothing) that does truely say “Freak”! Maybe a ripped and tattered white, blood stained wedding gown with a short hem line and decked out in shredded black ribbons. Ohhhhh a nose nacklace made of really old looking rope and shoes that look as if they have rotted for a century in a grave somehwere…yes true freakness…yay!

  2. Okay…maybe I was going more for death than freak…but yea…still love the shop!

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