TRANSYLVANIA TV: Twin Cities Produced Web Horror/Comedy Series Prepares to Launch Third Season

Twin Cities Produced Web Horror/Comedy Series Prepares to Launch Third Season

The DLB just received this press release. Be sure to check out the trailer at the bottom of the post.

Transylvania TV's Furry Ackermonster


Minneapolis, MN February 5, 2010—The producers and cast of Transylvania Television ( are proud to announce an event promoting the release of the second season on DVD and the launch of Season Three.  For over two years, Transylvania Television (TVTV) has been attracting college and Generation X audiences by blending traditional stand up, sitcom television, and pop culture references with their own cutting edge humor. TVTV is gathering steam as they set to launch their third season. The producers and fleece animators of TVTV continue to expand their audience base. Using the Web and guerilla marketing tactics, TVTV has been reaching out to audiences via (, Facebook (, iTunes (under podcasts), and Twitter ( while creating an army of “zombie minions” for their cult hit.

Transylvania Television series follows Furry Ackermonster, a yeti with an associate’s degree and a dream as he works at a low-rent UHF station deep in the Carpathian Mountains. Furry finds TVTV being run into the ground by a group of business misfits—an aged and acerbic vampire grasping to stay relevant, a beatnik bat lost in a time warp of his own, and a hand-stitched janitor monster. Furry hotwires the station’s ailing antenna to the fabled Frankenstein Device, and chaos ensues. Now, with worldwide broadcast range and the unpredictable power to reanimate dead TV shows, the only thing standing between the bad guys and world domination is themselves.

About Transylvania Television:
TVTV is a Twin Cities produced horror sitcom that’s really NOT for kids. Like the enormously successful Avenue Q and South Park, TVTV exploits dark comedy to comment on such varied themes as recession, revenge, future shock, censorship, love, racism, and erroneous atomic monsters. The result is a cynically smart half hour guaranteed to appeal. For more information, visit TVTV’s website at

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