MACABRE MUSIC: Squid Lid “Spread their Tentacles”


Squid Lid – A Toronto music duo consisting of acclaimed musicians Jonah K and James Fisher that could be somewhat described as bits and pieces of circus, industrial, drum and bass, cinema samples and dubstep, synthesized into one alive and wriggling musical monstrosity.

Happening Friday, May 7, 2010 at Revival Event Theatre; Squid Lid are proud to announce their invitation to perform live at Rue Morgue Magazine’s Black 100 Party, a celebration of the world renowned Horror magazine’s banner 100th issue.

At this high profile black carpet special event doors open at 9pm. Squid Lid take the stage at the stroke of Midnight! Be there.

Squid Lid have been busy producing and performing a unique hybrid of music and after a recent limited series of spectacularly well received performances, including an exclusive showcase at the 2009 Rue Morgue Festival of Fear Shocktail Party, Squid Lid released their anticipated first full length album, Steam Powered Submarine which will champion a chain of live shows slated for Spring 2010 across Canada, including many soon to be announced music and genre film festival appearances.
Coming from the diverse backgrounds of theatrical soundtrack and dance floor electronic music, Fisher and Jonah joined forces to concoct a remarkable new hybrid sound of cinematic circus beats that draw from elements of drum ‘n bass, dubstep, industrial, and movie music. All this accompanied by a mesmerizing stage show of glowing monsters and creatures that change their faces before your very eyes!
Squid Lid encapsulates the very essence of musical and aesthetic strangeness with hypnotic calculated beats and bizarre samples.” – AllMusic Guide
James Fisher is a schooled pianist that has composed soundtracks for the likes of Discovery Channel and Canadian Stage Company, and has performed internationally with Circus Orange, Daredevil Opera Company and Mump & Smoot. Jonah K is an electronic music producer and DJ. He has released tracks on numerous labels including Vague Terrain and Pawnshop. For the last decade he has performed at and co-organized electronic arts festivals and special events around the world.

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