Press release:

Hunters Books and Apparel, the creator of the only true zombie survival simulator, announced today the launch of Outbreak: Undead, an innovative pen and paper simulation which allows players to test their zombie survival plan and many other scenarios. “Your Zombie Survival Plan will Fail” is the company’s stand on most plans and is the basis for Outbreak: Undead. After a number of years developing their ‘Zombie Survival Simulator’ the final version is off to the printers and available for pre-order.

Outbreak: Undead is a pen and paper role-playing game that allows players to engage in virtually any type of zombie outbreak scenario they can imagine. A 460 page hardcover book, the contents include a player’s manual, zombie guide and GM (Game Master) section. This makes the core rulebook and a set of dice are all players need in order to successfully run the game.

“Any type of zombie, under any circumstances, can be simulated using Outbreak: Undead. From lumbering zombies to the sentient tool-wielding zombies that sprint towards you, we have comprehensive rules for them all. Though I’d recommend not playing against running zombies for your first game,” laughed Chris De La Rosa, Head Developer of Hunters Books.

Having consulted real life experts in firearms, survival, psychology and search and rescue, the team at Hunters Books has really gone out of their way to make Outbreak: Undead the most realistic experience one can have in a role-playing environment. The game is unique because it uses real life elements such as “Panic,” “Pain” and “Empathy” to tie in variables otherwise not present in most zombie or role-playing games. The creators have even developed a character creation system they’ve named “SPEW-AI” which stands for Strength, Perception, Empathy, and Will Assessment Inventory, which is based off a psychological questionnaire. The “SPEW-AI” system can be taken on their website for free, and allows the player to take the test, receive a set of stats and then jump immediately into the game, playing himself or herself as a character.

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