Alex House as Todd

Toronto-based Space TV will be premiering its new original show Todd & The Book of Pure Evil next Wednesday, Sept. 29, but will preview it tonight, Sept. 22, at 9 pm on Innerspace. The show, created by Craig David Wallace and based on his short film, stars Alex House as Todd, a wannabe heavy metal hero and high schooler who lusts after hot babe Jenny Kolinsky (Maggie Castle). When he discovers The Book of Pure Evil, he uses it to fulfill his heavy metal dreams… with dire consequences.

If you hadn’t guessed, Todd‘s a comedy, and a funny one at that. Space previewed the first two episodes the weekend of Toronto’s recent FanExpo and The DLB got the chance to talk to Wallace about all things Todd.

Todd's Book of Pure Evil

On the idea of the Necronomicon or the book of pure evil:

Well, there’s a lot of magic books in the horror genre of course, and it was just playing on the idea that there are so many magic books out there. And when I was a kid I was sixteen and I walked into a used bookstore and found a copy of the Necronomicon, and I was so excited. The fact that it was a paperback edition of the Necronomicon didn’t deter my enthusiasm, nor my very failed attempts at conjuring magic from it. So that was a big draw, not only playing off teen conventions but my own teen years of hoping there was more out there. Especially the Necronomicon itself, there’s such an iconography involved with that book and with all the sigils and symbolism of that book. It was something really fun to play with.

On balancing the horror with comedy:

Well, what’s funny is that it’s not like we really have a grand plan for what the show should be. It’s not like we don’t have a grand plan for the show because we do, but it’s not like we set out that there’s a formula: we need 88% comedy and 12% horror. This was the show that we wanted to make and so this was the way those elements came out.

And it’s strange watching the whole thirteen episodes of the first season together because you see those themes coming out. It was very important to us because that was the story we were telling, but it was never an attempt of we need more horror here or more horror there. It was always like what’s happening in this episode? Oh, and then this will happen.

And anything that is creepy and weird or horrific in the show genuinely we find funny too on its own level. In as much as it is a comedy, we’re hoping that it’s not a spoof. It’s not a spoof of the genre, it’s not Vampires Suck, it’s not Scary Movie. It’s very much something that in the worlds of the characters, they take very seriously. It’s their adventure.

The Homunculus

On using practical effects vs. CGI:

There’s a little bit of CG going through it all. Without the CG you’d see four people attached to the Homunculus as he’s running around.

Pretty much the first thing that we said is that if we were gonna… what sort of monsters do we want to have? Can we do it practically? And we would always want something practical.

For one thing, just having actors act against something real and tangible in front of them is one thing, but another thing is that we all grew up with the ‘80s horror film, and it’s the love of that sort of thing that is part of the show. We’d rather have a guy in a rubber suit, even if it’s pushing the boundaries of the suspension of disbelief rather than a CG monster any day. We love the reality and the tactileness of it all.

For more info, go to http://www.spacecast.com.


  1. Great show and very funny.If you get the chance watch it!
    _\m/ (*.*) \m/_

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