The DLB had the chance to speak recently with Chris Cerulli recently, lead singer of the Scranton, PA-based dark metal band Motionless in White, whose debut full-length album Creatures comes out today. Look for the full feature on the band in the forthcoming November issue of Rue Morgue Magazine, but until then here are a few choice horror-related quotes from Cerulli:


On his kinship with horror and Halloween:

“I feel like when people are born in October, they’re kind of biased to Halloween and whatnot. That’s probably not true at all, but I was born in the middle of October so I’ve felt like I’ve always been close to Halloween. Growing up, I guess I got attached to it. My birthday was always connected to Halloween.”

“The movies I’d always pick out at the movie store were the ones that were the doll holding a knife, like the Chucky movies. I was always interested in wanting to watch the things that were scary or that my parents didn’t want me to see.”

On why he chooses go skate the streets with friends on Halloween:

“It’s just like The Lost Boys. We don’t have motorcycles on the streets but we skate, hang around. It’s like my version of The Lost Boys every Halloween where I just hang out with my friends and we’ll party and hang out and pretty much stay out all night.”

Minus the drinking of blood.

“Yeah, yeah. I wish!”



Go to for more info on the band.

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