Director Adam Green’s 2006 old-school slasher film Hatchet — about a deformed killer named Victor Crowley who haunts a Louisiana swamp — has spawned a sequel, Hatchet II, which hits  Blu-ray and DVD in the US tomorrow (Feb. 1) and in Canada on Feb. 15. The DLB spoke to Green for Rue Morgue Magazine (read the rest of the interview here) and asked him about his future projects, including an adaptation of the Greg Taylor YA novel Killer Pizza, his part of the horror anthology Chillerama, and the possibility of a third Hatchet film.

What is the status of your other projects, including Killer Pizza, Chillerama and a possible Hatchet III?

Well, as of right now there’s no concrete plans for a Hatchet III. We’ll see what happens when the DVD and Blu-ray come out what Dark Sky necessarily wants to do. I’m not thinking about a Hatchet III. There is a story there, and we all sort of know what it is because we wanted to make sure that we made the sequel knowing what the third one might be. But me personally I’m pretty sure that I’m done with Hatchet movies. I will produce them, I will be involved, but I don’t think I’ll be directing anymore, although I did say that after the first one so who knows?

And then Chillerama is done with production and in post-production right now and should be coming out next fall. I’m not sure exactly what the plan is. We’d like if possible to do a touring drive-in with it and have that drive-in experience.

And then Killer Pizza I just turned in my first draft about a week ago, and that’s like a big, big Ghostbusters-size studio movie so that one’s probably going to take a little bit longer before there’s information that I’m allowed to announce. All these other things are like my Ariescope productions, and that’s like a Chris Columbus thing and it’s a big, big movie so I can’t really say much other than I still can’t fucking believe that they picked me to do it. I’m fuckin’ excited to be working with Chris.


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