Written and directed by Matthew J. Pellowski

Red Line Studios


One of the strangest stories in the realm of the paranormal is that of the Mothman. For the uninitiated, the Mothman was a winged, man-shaped creature which was reported multiple times in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, through late 1966 and early 1967. Other strange happenings surrounded the Mothman happening, including sightings of UFOs, men in black and aliens… mostly by reliable, God-fearing locals. Was the Mothman an alien? A mutated crane? Or did everyone simply lie? And was that even possible?

Eyes of the Mothman comprehensively tells the odd history of Point Pleasant, from an alleged 18th century Indian curse to WWII TNT manufacturing to the Mothman sightings to the disaster which marked the end of the phenomenon. (The Mothman was never spotted again after that initial rash of sightings.) Director Matthew J. Pellowski interviews eyewitnesses, engineers and locals, and more dubious “paranormal investigators,” as well as alternately evocative and amusing recreations, to tell the story.


Did Chief Cornstalk curse Point Pleasant?

What Pellowski isn’t interested in is finding out definitively what the Mothman was, even if that was possible. Instead he simply tells the story chronologically, relying on his interview subjects and the historical record to tell a very strange story of a very strange time in the life of a very ordinary town.

Perhaps our only complaint is that Eyes of the Mothman might be a bit too comprehensive. At two-and-a-half hours, the documentary becomes somewhat exhausting as well as being exhaustive. But it’s a fascinating and truly odd story which benefits from Pellowski’s serious approach to the subject matter and storytelling skills.


Rating: 4/5


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