The 11th annual Female Eye Film Festival, which is Ontario’s only festival showcasing films by women, delves into thriller territory tonight (March 19) with the 9:30 pm screening of director Vilma Zenelaj’s debut feature In The Woods.

Zenelaj’s sister Greta stars as Eva, a woman hoping to reconnect with her husband Steve (David Landry) during a weekend camping trip outside L.A. But Steve and Eva, whose marriage has been strained by her affair and his financial setbacks, aren’t as alone as they think. Carl (Rocco Di Nobile) has a gun, binoculars and a curious interest in Steve and especially Eva.

In The Woods unfolds pretty much as one would expect given that hackneyed scenario. Cell phone coverage is intermittent, Carl may or may not be as creepy as he appears, and Steve may or may not still be in love with the wife who cheated on him with an employee. Too bad the thrills are pretty much non-existent, replaced instead with too much often unsubtle dialogue delivered by the three leads with conviction if not a great deal of nuance. The “twist” ending is telegraphed from the film’s opening scene.

In The Woods screens tonight (March 19) at 9:30 pm at the Rainbow Cinemas Market Square (80 Front St. E.), followed by a Q&A with the director and cast. For more information, visit the Female Eye Film Festival website.

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