Toronto’s alt/Goth/industrial community finally had a chance to socialize on a Wednesday night instead of a Friday or Saturday when the aptly-named Legends of Synthpop tour rolled into Toronto. We missed openers Iris and Mesh but got to see Depeche Mode disciples De/Vision — a.k.a singer Steffen Keth and keyboardist Thomas Adam — move the crowd with material mainly culled from their 2010 album Popgefahr, including “Plastic Heart,” “mAndroids,” “Time To Be Alive,” and “Ready To Die.” Their stage show is less dramatic than DM but the strength of the material and Keith’s voice won us over.

Here is the band playing new song “Rage”:


Asemblage 23 feat. Tom Shear (l)

Headliners Assemblage 23 continued the one singer/one keyboardist model as frontman Tom Shear delivering strong vocals to dancefloor favourites like “Opened” (off 2002’s Defiance album), “Damaged” and a number of tracks from their most recent effort, 2009’s Compass.

Here is the band performing “Collapse” off Compass:



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