Starring Taija Rae, Angelique and Renee Summers

Directed by Joyce James


We knew that Michael Jackson’s John Landis-directed “Thriller” video was a favourite of the horror community but porn people too? Perhaps it shouldn’t come (cum?) as a surprise. Porn parodies of mainstream movies and TV shows are a dime a dozen these days. (Not the Munsters XXX, anyone?) But Driller isn’t simply a parody. As cheesy and ‘80s-tastic as it is, the “film” does an admirable job of channelling the spirit of the original clip, combining horror, music and hardcore sex into an imaginative splooge that’s far more entertaining than it has any right to be.

Dan and Louise

The film opens with the latest sold-out show by Driller, a Michael Jackson clone who enchants teen Louise (porn star Taija Rae) with his slick voice and smooth dance moves. After a particularly unmemorable but hilarious encounter with her nerdy boyfriend Dan (“Suck my wanger!” he commands at one point), Louise is seduced by the Driller himself, now transformed into a close approximation of the “Thriller” werewolf, albeit equipped with a quite literal driller.

From there Louise is transported to a castle whose inmates include hunchbacks, horny monks and any number of sex-crazed monsters. A few surprisingly impressive dance sequences follow, and the whole thing climaxes – ha ha – with a surreal monster orgy which includes a Richard Nixon clone, cardboard tombstones, bad makeup and relatively hot sex.

That Driller is actually entertaining was a pleasant surprise. While the comedy and horror elements might dampen the film’s appeal for the trenchcoat brigade, horror fans will find this an oddly charming throwback which isn’t at all hard to enjoy. Okay, I’ll stop now.


Rating: 3.5/5

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