The scariest thing about the new Disney film Prom, opening today (April 29), is how good it is. The DLB got the chance to talk to some of the cast this week and managed to slip in a question about director Kevin Smith’s upcoming and controversial horror film Red State to Prom co-star Nicholas Braun.

Prom and Red State co-star Nicholas Braun

Braun stars as Billy Ray, a “hick” who, along with his buddies Travis (Michael Angarano) and Jarod (Kyle Gallner), are “looking to get laid” by an older woman they meet online. They are subsequently captured by a religious group headed by Abin Cooper (Michael Parks). Then, as Braun says, “it’s basically us trying to find our way out and what that evolves into.”

Here’s what else Braun, who says he and Smith will be working together again soon, had to say about Red State which debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival:

Kevin calls it a horror film. I think it’s a lot more than a horror film. It’s like four or five genres mashed up. He likes to call it a Tarantino film by way of The Coen Brothers, and I think that’s really a good description.

It’s some of his riskiest work. I’m a huge fan of the movie. I’ve seen it like three times. I love it every time.

Should fundamentalist religious group be upset by the film?

Are they upset at his film or are they upset that he got it right, that he nailed them for what they are? Who knows what they’re doing behind closed doors? I don’t think they’re sacrificing people for their own beliefs, but, you know, they’re crazy enough to.

It’s a hell of a movie. Kevin did a great job of riding the line between being controversial and being truthful, and having you understand their religion and then also having you hate their religion.

Red State opens Oct. 11, 2011.

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