Sunday night’s Rammstein show at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre was much anticipated by the city’s — and likely the province’s given the out-of-town element — goth, industrial, rock and metal community. So much so that the entire venue was sold out. Superlatives fail to capture the scale of the production — which included, of course, tons of pyro, costume changes, props and much abuse of keyboardist Flake — so let’s show you a little of what went on. While security was strict about filming, we managed to capture a portion of the band’s performance of “Haifisch,” specifically the middle section where Flake wades out into the crowd on a raft.

Opening act Combichrist, who have added a tall, thin guitarist since their last appearance in Toronto last fall, put on a similarly spectacular show, even if they didn’t have as extensive a light show as they did during their headlining run. Here is the band performing “Follow the Trail of Blood” before security rushes in to shout “No filming!”

Rating: 5/5

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