Episode 1


As much as I was and remain a fan of werewolf movies, Teen Wolf looked like a rather mangy beast when it came out in 1985 so I decided to avoid it. Given its 5.5/10 IMDb rating, I seem to have made the right decision. So I come at the brand new MTV-produced TV version of Teen Wolf with fresh eyes and without prejudice… which doesn’t prevent the show from only having a bit of bite.

Tyler Posey stars as Scott, an asthmatic teen who dreams of playing on his school lacrosse team. The night before school starts, his best bud Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) overhears a report on his cop dad’s radio about a dismembered body in the woods. They investigate, Scott gets separated, and, you guessed it, he gets bitten by what looks like a wolf. Of course all Scott’s senses become heightened, including his lacrosse abilities, impressing new student Allison (Crystal Reed) and making suspicious team captain Jackson (Colton Haynes) whose girlfriend Lydia (Holland Roden) starts sizing up Scott.

If that all sounds very soap opera-ish, well, it is. Teen Wolf’s tone is considerably less comedic than its predecessor, amping up its usual teen dramatics with Scott’s newly-emerged bloodlust, a pack of werewolf hunters, and the mysterious Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), the one who bit Scott in the woods. Oh, and we don’t believe that Scott, with his cut body and handsome mug, was ever a nerd. Casting fail.

Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey as Allison and Scott

While not an embarrassment by any means – it’s slickly shot and contains some mildly clever dialogue – horror fans past the age of consent will likely cringe at the show’s meet cute romanticism, dodgy CG and predictable plotting. As we wait for the late June premiere of the new True Blood season, Teen Wolf will barely whet your lycanthropic longings. Here’s hoping producers decide to put a little hair on this show’s chest.


Teen Wolf debuts June 6 at 9 pm EST on MuchMusic in Canada.


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