The SPACE Network’s new six-part documentary show Fanboy Confessional, which, not surprisingly, explores all aspects of fandom, delves into horror in next week’s episode. Producers turn their sorry sights on Toronto Zombie Walk founder (and Hamilton, ON resident) Thea Munster and Rue Morgue Magazine art director \”Ghoulish\” Gary Pullin. (Disclosure: I write for Rue Morgue and am friends with Gary.)

The show’s “Monster Horror Chiller Edition” delves into how Ms. Munster’s undead efforts have grown the Zombie Walk from a mere seven participants back in 2003 to thousands these days, including all the commensurate police supervision and permit requirements her success requires. That means fundraising efforts involving psychobilly band The Von Drats and cop-friendly zombie carwashes.

Rue Morgue's Gary Pullin

Gary’s segment, meanwhile, sees him further consecrating his love of horror by getting the Abominable Dr. Phibes and his love Vulnavia Wrick tattooed on his left arm by the talent Bob Tyrrell, who has inked three of the DLB’s prized tats. Producers also speak to Rue Morgue founder Rodrigo Gudino and Gary’s lovely wife Nicole.

Fanboy Confessional debuted this week with back-to-back episodes detailing the rapid fans of cosplay and steampunk and ably detailed the love which goes into fandom via informative interviews, all in a slick presentation. Future episodes will explore furry fandom, real-life superheroes and LARPing.

The “Monster Horror Chiller Edition” of Fanboy Confessional plays in Canada on SPACE at 10 pm EST Wednesday July 20.

Photo credit (top): Kevin Edward Proulx


  1. Great writeup on the show It might seem like something not worth mentioning, but the von Drats are not a psychobilly band, but a surf punk band….completely different genre of music…but crossover appeal to a similar crowd.


  2. Great review!! Thanks for the mention 🙂

  3. While I don’t particularly mind the use of my zombie beauty queen photo (as above), I would definitely appreciate that ithave the “Copyright Kevin E. Proulx” notice included here … it is a copyrighted image. You’ve even still got my original file name on it …

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