The DLB had the chance recently to speak to Rupert Wyatt, the director of Rise of the Planet of the  Apes, who mentioned the film’s parallels to Frankenstein:

To what extent do you feel like Caesar is a modern-day representation of Frankenstein’s monster?

“Yeah, very much so. There’s great echoes in our story of that. The idea that a young chimpanzee, of which there are many real world examples, growing up in a human environment, believing himself to be human even though he looks different. To then find himself cast out and thrown in to be with his own kind, yet he doesn’t belong with them either because he wears clothes, he has human mannerisms, he likes to eat with a knife and fork, all of those things which make him a freak to both sides, that’s classic Frankenstein.”


Rise of the Planet of the Apes opens Aug. 5.


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