The DLB recently had the chance to attend a roundtable with actor Colin Farrell, one of the stars of the upcoming Fright Night remake, and it turns out that the Phone Booth star, who plays vampire Jerry Dandridge in the role originated by Chris Sarandon, is quite the horror buff. Here’s what he had to say when asked about the ongoing appeal of vampire films:

“I grew up watching a good deal of scary films, and vampires featured in there. I really did love the original Fright Night and Lost Boys and Near Dark and various incarnations of Dracula, from Gary Oldman to Bela Lugosi to Christopher Lee, to modern takes like Let the Right One In. So I’m well-versed cinematically in the conventions of the vampire world and like everyone else find it fascinating. And why? Because it just offers so much we seem as humans and mortals to strive for, the idea of eternal beauty and the idea of bending time to suit our favour and the idea of being irresistibly attractive to people, to being on top of the food chain. All those concepts. And again as you said there’s no surer way… I’m figuring out with my kids now the surest way – it’s so deeply wired – to make sure somebody wants something is to tell them they can’t have it. It’s fuckin’ so obvious, so hard-wired. People do it every day in night clubs and bars all around the world. Hold something back, tell them there’s something they can’t have that they probably should or need. So it’s all that. It’s fighting against the establishment. It’s the need to be controlled and break out of that control, to live a life of reckless abandon.”

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