The DLB recently spoke to André Øvredal, the director of the Norwegian monster movie Trollhunter which opens at The Royal in Toronto Aug. 19 before debuting on DVD and Blu-ray next Tuesday (Aug. 23). The mockumentary, which sees a group of Norwegian film students shadowing Norway’s only troll hunter (Otto Jespersen) as he deals with a number of wayward trolls, was a hit upon its release in Norway last year and has seen limited releases worldwide. Its success has also prompted an American remake, spearheaded by Home Alone director Chris Columbus’s company 1492, which is currently in the scripting stage.

Øvredal is currently reading a bunch of Hollywood scripts (“A lot I don’t like but some I really like”) and is also working on his own monster comedy script about American mythology which will likely become his next directorial effort. “That has potential to be an amazing movie.”

You’ve said Trollhunter is a very Norwegian film, but it has been shown in many different countries. As far as you know, which other country really gets Trollhunter the best and why?

“It seems to me that most of the countries I’ve been in showing it, they’ve gotten the film in a great way. When I read reviews or read feedback online from any individual, it’s basically the same reaction. But I think in Norway it’s playing with familiarity, while abroad it’s playing more as an exotic film, and I think having a mythology around monsters and having this government worker and this government conspiracy, it’s all stuff that we know from our own culture everywhere in the world.”


Do you want to keep working in genre cinema?

“I’ve been reading some wonderful sci-fi scripts and horror scripts lately that I would love to direct, and also have my own ideas. But I realize I’m only one human being and I can’t make all these movies. No, sci-fi and horror is great fun.”


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