Toronto After Dark Film Festival founder Adam Lopez announced the next slate of macabre movies to show at his fast-growing genre film festival, which will take place at the Toronto Underground Cinema between Oct. 20 and 27, on last night’s edition of Inner Space. Among the new additions:

The Woman: May director Lucky McKee’s controversial follow-up to the Jack Ketchum-penned film Offspring sees Australian actress Polyanna McIntosh return as that film’s cannibalistic matriarch,  now captured by a seemingly normal suburban family determined to tame her in a bloody riff off of Pygmalion. The film’s premiere at Sundance famously provoked noisy walkouts.


Vs: After Dark will host the world premiere of The FP co-director Jason Trost’s film Vs, about four superheroes kidnapped by their arch-enemy.


War of the Dead: A Lithuanian-filmed Nazi zombie flick


The Innkeepers: House of the Devil director Ti West’s ghost story about two employees at a haunted hotel is TADFF’s closing gala.


The other announced titles include the Canadian premiere of Manborg, Absentia, The Corridor (which received the Audience award for Best Canadian Feature Film at Fantasia 2011 ), A Lonely Place to DieMidnight Son and Some Guy Who Kills People.

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