The DLB recently spoke to Underworld Evolution star Kate Beckinsale about the fourth entry in the ongoing werewolf/vampire franchise. Here are a few excerpts:


After you made Underworld Evolution, how did you feel about the possibility of making another Underworld film, and at what point did playing Selene again start to seem like a good idea?

Well, I didn’t think I was going to. I was told that the plan was to do a trilogy. I knew that the third one was a prequel and my character wasn’t around for that. I honestly didn’t think about it at all apart from occasionally when I was promoting another movie somebody would ask me about it, and I’d constantly say, ‘No, no, no. That’s it,’ because I thought it was! So it was only a little before we shot the movie that they came and asked, ‘Would you think about it?’ And I thought, well, okay, but it would have to be quite a different journey for the character to go on to make it interesting for people to watch and also to play the part.

Where is Selene at in Underworld Awakening? What are the challenges she is facing both dramatically and personally?

Well, she wakes up after being in this coma-like for twelve years or so to find that the world is completely different. I thought that was an interesting concept that as far as you are concerned it was yesterday but actually twelve years have passed. And during that time I guess humans have become very much aware of humans and vampires, and obviously before it was “underworld” and it was a rather well-kept secret, and she also finds that she somehow has a daughter as well. So that was certainly a different angle for the character to have that experience. I thought it was interesting to explore it.


Underworld Awakening opens this Friday, Jan. 20.



  1. This series isn’t one of my favorites but I hope it’ll be good!

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