Do you believe in ghosts or or known someone who has had an experience?

I’m sure I know people who have had experiences with them. I don’t believe in them, but I know people who think they have. No, I’m not a believer myself so I find it unlikely that I will see one.


You never saw The Woman in Black play so the script was your introduction to the story. Why does it resonate for you?

 I don’t know! It’s a fantastic story. Ultimately it’s hard to put your finger on why it’s fantastic. If I knew that I would have written it! It’s a great story. It’s interesting to me also how ‘round the world the story continues to be very successful. They’ve had long runs of the play in Central and South America, as well as in Japan. Anywhere there’s a sense of spirits and people co-existing and also with a Catholic sense of the afterlife, it’s very appealing in those territories.

Has your sense of what you can accomplish as an actor changed over the last few years?

[Struggles to come up with the words] I’m taking one film at a time to be honest at the moment. I know that over the next couple of years I just need to do as much work as I can and show people that a) I’m willing to work hard and b) I’m improving all the time, which I think I am. It’s very odd seeing this film knowing that it was done a year and a half ago. I feel like I’m a much better actor than I was when I filmed this movie. So I was watching it again last night going, ‘I could have done that better now.’

Yeah, I think I’ve always had ambitions for myself, and I don’t think I would… I’ve always felt that I have a pretty good shot if I work hard enough of having a good career after the series finishes, and hopefully moving into directing one day as well. So yeah. I just want to keep working. I’m going to just keep plugging away.

The Woman in Black opens today, Feb. 3.

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