The DLB recently spoke to actor Scott Speedman (Underworld, upcoming The Moth Diaries) about his new romantic comedy The Vow and snuck in a couple of questions about his recent genre past and future.

Tell me about working with director Mary Harron (American Psycho) on the upcoming vampire film The Moth Diaries.

Yeah, very smart woman. Very, very talented director, obviously. That’s really why I wanted to do that thing. I got on that movie five years ago, I think. Yeah, I was just jumping at the chance to work with her because I’ve loved her movies in the past.

How do you feel The Moth Diaries, which is based on a young adult novel, will be perceived post-Twilight?

When I read that script, I read it knowing that Mary Harron was directing it, and it came before all the Twilight stuff, when I read it at least. That wasn’t in my mind so much.

You know, I wasn’t thinking this is a vampire movie that’s going to be seen in a certain way or sold in a certain way. I was involved more in the story, and I thought it was very interested. I was really excited to see what Mary Harron was going to do with it, take a different angle on it. No, I was more involved in the human aspect of it, and I thought it was interesting obviously that there was this otherworldly force at work there, but I was just more involved in the human aspect of things.

Finally, you don’t appear in the new Underworld film Awakening. Ultimately, why did you decide to pass on it?

You know, it wasn’t a matter of that. It was just time to do different things. I wasn’t very involved in the script anyway so it was an easy one to say, ‘You guys go do this thing. I’m going to do that.’

Buy, yeah, no. I’m not averse to doing those types of movies or even that franchise. I just want to have a pretty exciting, dynamic part if I’m going to do it.

The Moth Diaries opens in Toronto and Vancouver April 6.

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