The Toronto After Dark Film Festival returns to the newly renovated Bloor Hot Docs Cinema this year, opening with two highly anticipated entries, the Irish horror comedy Grabbers, screening at 6:45, and The Soska Sisters’ blackly comic American Mary (as seen above).

As I’m about to head out the door to see Paranormal Activity 4 (review tomorrow), The DLB will have to cut and paste each summary:


A small Irish fishing village on Erin Island has a big problem. Fishermen have disappeared, and dead whales are washing up on shore. As if that’s not enough to deal with, local policeman (and perpetually drunk) Ciaran has another problem… his newly arrived, by the books, partner Lisa.  It’s soon apparent that something monstrous and possibly alien is lurking just offshore, and with the help of the local village scientist they’ve discovered the creatures Achilles heel… a lethal allergy to alcohol. So obviously, the best way to survive the night and a full on giant alien squid invasion is to get the entire town righteously drunk!

The spirit of films like TREMORS is alive and well in the horror/sci-fi comedy GRABBERS. Take an age old Irish cliché, a village of quirky characters, a touch of romance, and some fantastic small budget special effects, and you have a raucously deadpan giant monster extravaganza. You’ll laugh all the way to last call, and maybe certain doom when the GRABBERS come to call.
– Steven Landry



Three years ago, female directing duo sensation Jen and Sylvia Soska made a bloody splash and created a lot of fans including Eli Roth with their grindhouse throwback debut, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. Now the Twisted Twins are back with their latest, AMERICAN MARY a stylish horror thriller that is taking the festival circuit by an even bigger storm!

After medical student Mary (GINGER SNAPS star Katherine Isabelle in a fearless standout performance) finds herself disillusioned with both the poverty of student life and chauvinistic treatment by her peers, she begins to look for an alternative lifestyle that might better reward her surgical skills. A chance encounter at a seedy nightclub opens the door to a lucrative but dangerous side career: performing extreme body modifications for private clients. But working in the shadowy underworld of illegal surgeries comes with unforeseen, horrifying, and yes…bloody consequences.

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to be the first in Canada to see AMERICAN MARY with the Soska sisters live and in person!
– Adam Lopez

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