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The DLB recently spoke to director Quentin Tarantino for MSN Canada about his new movie DJANGO UNCHAINED. Perhaps surprisingly, the film — a Western — is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fangoria. I reached out to Fango editor Chris Alexander to explain their choice:

“Tarantino has long been a friend of the magazine. Like me, like many of us, he grew up on FANGORIA and horror, cult and macabre exploitation filmmaking, it defined his language. Spaghetti westerns are of course part of that universe, stemming from the violent, operatic horror and thrillers coming out of Europe in the 1960’s. It was the dark, gothic, psychological Italian oaters that really pushed the envelope for splatter (remember that Argento’s first credit is as a co-writer on Leone’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST) and that violence was reflected in horror. Peckinpah, Corbucci, Jodorowsky – all laid the groundwork for the explicit horrors of the 1970’s (what is Chainsaw Massacre if not a Western?). So when I heard QT – who ALWAYS uses western tropes in his films – was doing his own riff on Corbucci’s DJANGO crossed with a Blaxploitation film, I was interested…but only if we could get on set to scope it out. Sure enough the splatter was through the roof. Tarantino asked if he could write an essay on the history of violent westerns and how could I refuse? On top of that, one of our writers is dating QT and gave us what I think is the best damned interview with the filmmaker ever, totally relaxed and forthcoming. QT also sent us a pile of exclusive, excessively nasty photos including the one I fashioned for the cover, a violent shot that was actually cut from the film! At the end of the day, what we have in our humble mag is a vibrant masterclass in the making of what I think is the best film of 2012, of any genre.”

The latest issue of Fangoria is on newsstands and online. Django Unchained opens in theatres today.

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