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fango django

The DLB recently spoke to director Quentin Tarantino for MSN Canada about his new movie DJANGO UNCHAINED. Perhaps surprisingly, the film — a Western — is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fangoria. I reached out to Fango editor Chris Alexander to explain their choice:

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Starring Egbert Jan Weeber, Bert Luppes and Huub Stapel

Written and directed by Dick Maas

eOne Entertainment

The recent angry Facebook status updates I have noticed from those looking to reclaim their right to wish people “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” speaks to just how protective some people get about Christmas… sorry, the holiday season. Similarly, the Dutch take their equivalent, Sinterklaas, very seriously, to the point where poet and artist Quinsy Gario was pepper sprayed and arrested in Dordrecht, Holland, last month for wearing a  homemade T-shirt that read “Zwarte Piet is Racism.” (Zwarte Piet — or Black Pete — is Sinterklaas’s Sambo-like servant.)

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Starring Andrew Tiernan, Samuel Vauramo and Mikko Leppilampi

Written by Barr B. Potter and Marko Markilaasko

Directed by Marko Markilaasko

Good things do not always come to those who wait. Finnish filmmaker Marko Markilaasko, for instance, filmed the WWII Nazi zombie movie War of the Dead back in 2007, but it only had its world premiere this past Saturday night at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Likewise, Toronto audience members who had been excitedly tracking the film since that time were greeted by a middling action movie with little horror content whose atrocious script left little meat for its cast to chew upon.

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The DLB had the good fortune to preview the upcoming season premiere of the long-running BBC sci-fi show Dr. Who Wednesday night, and it’s crackerjack stuff. As part of just three audiences worldwide to preview the episode (entitled “The Impossible Astronaut), we were hosted by “InnerSPACE” hosts AJ Fry and Teddy Wilson and dedicated the evening to much-loved Dr. Who actress Elisabeth Sladen, who played companion Sarah Jane Smith and died this past week from cancer. In addition, we learned that Episode 4 will be the much-discussed Neil Gaiman-penned episode.

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Written and directed by Matthew J. Pellowski

Red Line Studios


One of the strangest stories in the realm of the paranormal is that of the Mothman. For the uninitiated, the Mothman was a winged, man-shaped creature which was reported multiple times in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, through late 1966 and early 1967. Other strange happenings surrounded the Mothman happening, including sightings of UFOs, men in black and aliens… mostly by reliable, God-fearing locals. Was the Mothman an alien? A mutated crane? Or did everyone simply lie? And was that even possible?

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Tonight (Feb. 17) at 9:30 pm EST Rue Morgue Magazine presents a screening of the documentary Cropsey as part of its monthly Cinemacabre night at The Bloor Cinema.

The film, by co-directors Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio, traces the urban legend of Cropsey, supposedly an escaped mental patient responsible for the deaths of several mentally challenged children in Staten Island, New York. Zeman and Brancaccio focus on the arrest and prosecution of Andre Rand, a creepy drifter who was said to have killed Jennifer Schweiger, a child with Down’s Syndrome, in 1987. Other deaths lead officials to try to pin them on Rand, but did he do it?

Rue Morgue will be conducting an interview with Zeman via Skype after the film.

For more information, on the film visit the Cropsey Website.




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Today is 73rd birthday of Barbara Steele, star of such horror classics as Black Sunday, The Pit & the Pendulum, the original Piranha and Nightmare Castle. Those of you unfamiliar with Ms. Steele, start with Black Sunday (1960), her only collaboration with Italian director Mario Bava. Her dark beauty and irresistible sensuality have made her a favourite of horror fans for decades and inspired many acts of devotion, including this one by yours truly:

Barbara Steele tattoo by Bob Tyrrell


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