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Starring Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig and Christopher Plummer

Directed by David Fincher

Written by Steve Zaillian from the novel by Stieg Larsson

Columbia Pictures

First of all, macabre movie fans, yes, we do get to hear Karen O, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s version of Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” in a stunning opening credits sequence that rivals anything Maurice Binder ever created for the early Bonds and makes me want to get in line to watch this film again.

That aside, there are many reasons for horror fans to want to see this film: David Fincher’s dark, edgy aesthetic is in full effect; Rooney Mara is a Goth goddess, more frail physically than Noomi Rapace, the original Lisbeth Salander, but still tough as nails; and Reznor and Ross’s score walks the line between eerie and ambient.

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Pennsylvania-based horror rock band Motionless In White recently debuted the video for their new single “Immaculate Misconception” on FearNet. Directed by Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider’s son Cody Blue Snider, the clip features MIW singer Chris Motionless channeling his idol Marilyn Manson in a conceptual clip that sees him attacked by religious protestors and fighting back. Dee himself even shows up as a Roman soldier tasked with whipping Chris prior to his crucifixion.



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Beloved punk-porn princess and entrepreneur Joanna Angel is set to release a XXX web-only Frankenstein parody on her website this, um, coming Monday. Go to on Halloween. For a preview teaser of Fuckenstein, which stars Joanna Angel with James Deen as Dr. Frankenstein and Spanish performer Ramon Nomar as Frankenstein, visit:

“Every year on we celebrate Halloween with a horror themed movie,” says Joanna in a statement. “Parodying Frankenstein was a lot of fun – and I have a new found fetish for having sex with scientific experiments and monsters.”


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The SPACE Network’s new six-part documentary show Fanboy Confessional, which, not surprisingly, explores all aspects of fandom, delves into horror in next week’s episode. Producers turn their sorry sights on Toronto Zombie Walk founder (and Hamilton, ON resident) Thea Munster and Rue Morgue Magazine art director \”Ghoulish\” Gary Pullin. (Disclosure: I write for Rue Morgue and am friends with Gary.)

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Today is 73rd birthday of Barbara Steele, star of such horror classics as Black Sunday, The Pit & the Pendulum, the original Piranha and Nightmare Castle. Those of you unfamiliar with Ms. Steele, start with Black Sunday (1960), her only collaboration with Italian director Mario Bava. Her dark beauty and irresistible sensuality have made her a favourite of horror fans for decades and inspired many acts of devotion, including this one by yours truly:

Barbara Steele tattoo by Bob Tyrrell


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Combichrist's Andy LaPlegua

Is Combichrist’s Andy LaPlegua the new Trent Reznor? With the Nine Inch Nails mastermind busy scoring A-list Hollywood films (The Social Network) and making music with his (now pregnant) wife (How To Destroy Angels) instead of packing stadiums full of freaks and rivetheads, there’s a space in the underground marketplace for a charismatic and energetic performer like LaPlegua.

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FanTasia 2008 018

The DLB & Jovanka

The DLB has been a proud friend of Rue Morgue editor-in-chief Jovanka Vuckovic for several years, so we were saddened to hear about her departure from the magazine. That said, we were happier to hear about the impending birth of her own little bundle of evil and are excited to follow her future artistic endeavours. Here is an official statement from her Facebook page:
Dear Rue Morgue Readers,

After seven years as Editor of Rue Morgue Magazine, the time has come for me to move on. I worked very hard to make the magazine the best it could possibly be the entire time I was there and I’m proud of my contribution to it and the status I helped elevate it to. But a career in journalism has never been a goal of mine. It was an interesting detour, that’s for sure, but I have always been a writer and an artist and have had a strong desire to follow my instinct to create. I am excited to return to my creative roots and look forward to announcing my upcoming projects in film, television and print. I can’t wait to tell you about some of the exciting collaborations I have in the works as well.

In the meantime, I am currently focusing on my most creative and challenging endeavour to date: the birth of my first child, which is currently growing in my womb. Yes, you read that right, I’m pregnant! It’s an exciting and very happy time for my fiancee and I. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

That said, rest assured, I am not abandoning horror, I’m merely taking a break to refocus and return with a vengeance and do what I’ve longed to do since before I started at the magazine: contribute creatively to the genre I love so much.

If any of you want to keep in touch, I’ll be launching a new website soon, which will have updates on my creative projects as well as a blog where I’ll be posting about the body horrors of pregnancy. 😉 I hope to see you reading it. You can find me at: (Coming Soon)
Obviously here at Facebook and

Feel free to drop me a line here or at my website and stay in touch. I’ve always loved to hear from the readers. You guys are the reason I kept going for so long. I wish I could have said goodbye in my editorial, but sometimes things don’t work out the way you’d like them to. I’m truly grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and the readers I’ve corresponded with on this journey. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: without you, there would be no Rue Morgue.

I hope to see you all on the other side.

Much love and respect,
Jovanka Vuckovic