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The DLB spoke with actress Chloe Moretz recently in conjunction with the home video release of Hugo, her collaboration with Martin Scorsese. Of course we just had to ask about her role in Dark Shadows. Director Tim Burton’s much-anticipated movie version of the ’60s soap opera casts frequent Burton collaborator Johnny Depp as the cursed vampire Barnabas Collins, a role originated by recently deceased Canadian actor Jonathan Frid. Moretz plays Carolyn, the sullen teen daughter of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, played by Michelle Pfeiffer.


What was it like working with Tim Burton?

Working with Tim was such an experience. I don’t even know what to say because he’s probably been my dream, dream, dream director, along with Scorsese of course, to work with.

My mom and my brother didn’t actually tell me because they had called in and they had said that they wanted me for the movie, and of course my mom and my brother didn’t tell me in case it didn’t go through or something, and if it feel through I would be so devastated.

So they didn’t tell me, but after the deal went through my brother and I had landed in New York to do a photoshoot, I think, or something. And we had just landed, got off the plane, and [Moretz’s brother] Trevor received an email from my mom saying the deal’s gone through, oh my gosh, we’re so excited. It’s happening. Of course he turns to me as we’re docking the plane, and he goes, ‘So Chlo, what we were going to tell you is you’ve booked a Tim Burton film for Dark Shadows and it films in three months, and I was like ‘What!?’ I just started freaking out on the plane, and everyone was like ‘what is wrong with that girl?’ And I was like freaking out, like ‘oh my Gosh!’ And I freaked out so much that I actually left my iPad on the plane. It was a pretty special thing.

I’m in love with Tim and I’m in love with Johnny and Helena [Bonham Carter] and Michelle Pfeiffer and everyone. It’s a really special, special movie.




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The DLB recently sat down with Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli to discuss his TV show The River, amongst other things. This is part two of our discussion:


Have you had any problems with censors yet?

You always deal with the standards & practices, and you have to negotiate with them, how many times can you use a bleeped version of seven word, but it important for us to create a sense of realism so we wanted the characters to be able to curse as they naturally would just the way the intended so we would bleep it out.

And we never really meant to go for too much gore anyways, so that was never our intention so we didn’t experience too many problems with that.

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The Oren Peli-produced TV show The River, about a team of camera-equipped adventurers documenting their attempted rescue of a beloved nature show TV host (Bruce Greenwood), debuts tonight, and The DLB recently had the chance to talk to Peli (best known as the director of Paranoral Activity) about it:

What is your background as a horror fan?

I’m not specifically a horror fan. I like any good movie or TV show, so I do like some of the horror movies that are more like the slow burn ones, stuff like Rosemary’s Baby and The Others, Sixth Sense. Not so much the slasher horror movies. So that’s the kind of stuff I’m usually drawn to.

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Perhaps the most iconic zombie from the first season of AMC`s The Walking Dead was the so-called Bicycle Girl. With the premiere of Season 2 set for Sept. 16, AMC has just debuted a Greg Nicotero-directed six-part webisode series devoted to the character. Enjoy.


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Starring James Ellroy and Barko

eOne Entertainment

Anyone unfamiliar with James Ellroy’s writing, packed as it with bold intuition and amazing alliteration, might find the L.A. Confidential creator’s on-screen style not only off-putting but downright annoying in his duties hosting James Ellroy’s LA: City of Demons.

Ellroy is best known for writing the book which became the movie L.A. Confidential, but he’s been detailing the sordid underbelly of his hometown of Hollywood (“Hollyweird” in Ellroy parlance) for over 30 years now. Anyone who has seen him in person knows that he is blunt and does not suffer fools, wielding righteousness and insight like a club, which makes this six-episode examination of crime in and around Los Angeles, both a distillation of everything Ellroy and a primer on the city’s putrid past.

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The vampires of "True Blood"


The fourth season of “True Blood” debuts this Sunday, June 26, on HBO so here are just a few images to whet your appetite for our return to Bon Temps:

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Episode 1


As much as I was and remain a fan of werewolf movies, Teen Wolf looked like a rather mangy beast when it came out in 1985 so I decided to avoid it. Given its 5.5/10 IMDb rating, I seem to have made the right decision. So I come at the brand new MTV-produced TV version of Teen Wolf with fresh eyes and without prejudice… which doesn’t prevent the show from only having a bit of bite.

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