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Paramount’s decision to sell Annihilation to Netflix for all territories outside Canada, the US, and China is great if it gets the film a wider audience than would pay to see it in a theatre. The shame is that Ex-Machina writer-director Alex Garland’s adaptation of the Jeff VanderMeer novel is a stunning work of art whose natural home is a darkened movie house. Indeed, on a big screen with a great sound system, Annihilation‘s thrills, chills, and ideas are that much more profound and intense.


Left to right: Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson in ANNIHILATION, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance.

Natalie Portman (Black Swan) plays Lena, a soldier-turned-scientist whose military husband Kane (Ex-Machina‘s Oscar Isaac) returns to her a year after going missing. His assignment: to investigate the Shimmer, a mysterious phenomenon slowly engulfing the southern coast and making its way towards populated areas. An ill Kane is re-captured by the military, and Lena goes with him. Eventually she persuades Dr. Ventress (Jennifer Jason Leigh), the leader of the next team to go into the Shimmer, to let her come along. What she discovers there is best left unexplained, as it is alternately astonishing, beautiful, and terrifying.


Indeed, while the IMDb classifies Annihilation as “Adventure, Drama, Fantasy,” it possesses a bloody streak of body horror. Some of the most genuinely weird and wild images ever seen in a big-budget Hollywood production are on display here, and its visual and thematic debt to both John Carpenter’s The Thing and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Annihilation mark it as a bold work of imagination.


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Starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts

Directed by Jim Sheridan

Written by David Loucka

eOne Entertainment

Given the avalanche of bad press surrounding the theatrical release of Dream House last fall, including word that director Jim Sheridan (In America) had petitioned the Directors Guild of America to have his name removed from the film’s final credits, my expectations were sufficiently lowered in advance of screening the film at home so as not to be too disappointed. And while Dream House is a mess in general and falls apart pretty egregiously in the final act, it’s far less of a nightmare than we have been led to believe.

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Starring James Ellroy and Barko

eOne Entertainment

Anyone unfamiliar with James Ellroy’s writing, packed as it with bold intuition and amazing alliteration, might find the L.A. Confidential creator’s on-screen style not only off-putting but downright annoying in his duties hosting James Ellroy’s LA: City of Demons.

Ellroy is best known for writing the book which became the movie L.A. Confidential, but he’s been detailing the sordid underbelly of his hometown of Hollywood (“Hollyweird” in Ellroy parlance) for over 30 years now. Anyone who has seen him in person knows that he is blunt and does not suffer fools, wielding righteousness and insight like a club, which makes this six-episode examination of crime in and around Los Angeles, both a distillation of everything Ellroy and a primer on the city’s putrid past.

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Starring Taija Rae, Angelique and Renee Summers

Directed by Joyce James


We knew that Michael Jackson’s John Landis-directed “Thriller” video was a favourite of the horror community but porn people too? Perhaps it shouldn’t come (cum?) as a surprise. Porn parodies of mainstream movies and TV shows are a dime a dozen these days. (Not the Munsters XXX, anyone?) But Driller isn’t simply a parody. As cheesy and ‘80s-tastic as it is, the “film” does an admirable job of channelling the spirit of the original clip, combining horror, music and hardcore sex into an imaginative splooge that’s far more entertaining than it has any right to be.

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Dark art artist Kris Kuksi is venturing from his Kansas home for one night to visit the T-Dot. May 4, 6 to 9 pm, is the date of Mr. Kuksi’s reception at Narwhal Art Projects (680 Queen St. W.) No less than Guillermo Del Toro has called Kuksi “a post-industrial Rococo master.” Here are a couple of samples of his work:

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The DLB received his copy of the new Rue Morgue in the mail yesterday, and although he only has one tiny movie review in this issue (much of my efforts are going into my RM blog here: , that’s no reason not to pick it up, especially when you’ve got all this tasty stuff to keep you entertained and so many nasty pix to freak out your fellow subway riders.

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Porn star Sasha Grey puts her heart into "Smash Cut"


Starring David Hess, Jesse Buck and Sasha Grey

Directed by Lee Demarbre

Written by Ian Driscoll

E1 Entertainment

Montreal-based filmmaker Lee Gordon Demarbre (Gordon?) channels Herschell Gordon Lewis (oh wait, I get it) in Smash Cut, his tribute to the gore pioneer. Genre veteran David Hess (Last House on the Left) stars as Able Whitman, a Z-grade movie director whose films are panned for their incompetence, especially their special effects. When a car accident provides him with access to REAL body parts, the increasingly unhinged Whitman uses them to give his films a more realistic sheen, resulting in the best reviews of his career. Needless to say, the body count rises as Whitman’s need for fresh meat  increases.

Smash Cut is not a good film, but taken in the spirit in which it was intended — as a tribute to HG Lewis (who has a cameo) — it’s mildly entertaining. Porn star Sasha Grey, cast as a TV star whose sister is Whitman’s first victim, is sexy but wooden as the reporter who cottons on to Whitman’s depraved scheme, but it’s Hess whose relish for the role of an artist cock-blocked by producers makes it worth watching.

That said, we support film fan Demarbre and his enthusiasm for taking the piss out of mainstream moviemaking.

For the lowdown on Smash Cut, though, here’s Demarbre, screenwriter Ian Driscoll and David Hess: