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Underworld: Awakening opens in theatres today, so as a release day treat, here is part two the Dark Lord Bunnykins’ chat with lead actress Kate Beckinsale:


Regarding Selene, what is about her that you like and does she serve any particular function for you as an actress, like getting out your aggression for instance?

No, not really. I do think I’m attracted to female roles that are kind of empowering and interesting and complicated, in whatever kind of movie, whether it’s a comedy… I think it’s important to have those criteria to make it interesting for yourself, or drama or whatever. It just happens to be in a genre movie. But that genre tends to also be one of the few that really does celebrate an empowered woman. So it’s not necessarily something that I want to only do, and I wouldn’t only want to do a comedy for the rest of my life either, but the fact that I get to play these kind of women I think is very attractive.

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The DLB recently had the chance to attend a roundtable with actor Colin Farrell, one of the stars of the upcoming Fright Night remake, and it turns out that the Phone Booth star, who plays vampire Jerry Dandridge in the role originated by Chris Sarandon, is quite the horror buff. Here’s what he had to say when asked about the ongoing appeal of vampire films:

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Just a reminder that Rue Morgue Magazine‘s monthly movie night, Cinemacabre, is tonight (July 21) at 9:30. In anticipation of the remake coming out in August, this month’s offering is the original Fright Night which the DLB has not seen since it came out in 1985 but of which he has fond memories. Chris Sarandon stars as Jerry Dandridge, the seemingly cool new neighbour of Charley Brewster (Williams Ragsdale), a teen who soon suspects that Jerry is actually a vampire so enlists the help of local TV horror host Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) to destroy him.

Don’t forget that Cinemacabre has temporarily moved to the Toronto Underground Cinema at 186 Spadina Avenue while its usual resting place, The Bloor, undergoes renovations through August.