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Starring Rebecca De Mornay, Jaime King and Patrick John Flueger

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman

Written by Scott Milam

Alliance Home Entertainment


It’s hard not to get excited about a movie when the director is excited. When I spoke to director Darren Lynn Bousman back in summer 2009 from the Winnipeg set of Mother’s Day for Rue Morgue Magazine, the Saw II – IV director was ecstatic about the film’s progress and his cast, which included Rebecca De Mornay as the titular psycho mom.

So seeing Mother’s Day released straight to video (sorry, DVD and Blu-ray) nearly three years after completion of filming made me think that a) Bousman was getting screwed or b) the movie must be awful, despite fellow horror journalists reporting how good it was. Fortunately, the latter has turned out to be (mostly) the truth.

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Multi-disciplinary artist Terrance Zdunich is best known as Grave-Robber from Darren Lynn-Bousman’s cult film Repo! The Genetic Opera. He and some collaborators recently launched their own comic series, “The Molting,” about a dysfunctional family and cockroaches. Really. Read my interview with Terrance over at my Rue Morgue blog to get the lowdown on “The Molting”:

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You can bet The Dark Lord Bunnykins will be at this party. Someone owes him extra drink tickets! Seriously, Issue 100 of Rue Morgue Magazine is going to be amazing, not least because yours truly has a major feature in it. Here is the official press release. See you there!

Toronto, CANADA – RUE MORGUE, Canada’s home for horror, is proud to celebrate yet another milestone with the release of its 100th EDITION SPECIAL ISSUE on stands May 1, 2010. The perfect-bound varnish-finished 100-page special issue will feature one of the magazine’s boldest and unusual covers to date, along with all-new and exclusive interviews with Hammer horror legends CHRISTOPHER LEE and INGRID PITT, plus thirteen years of horror across the spectrum with words from JOSS WEDON, GEORGE ROMERO, MIKE MIGNOLA, ROBERT KIRKMAN, DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN, MAX BROOKS, WILLIAM LUSTIG, R.L. STINE, JULIAN MAURY, ALEXANDRE BUSTILLO and many more.

RUE MORGUE#100 will also feature exclusive and original art from CHET ZAR, KRIS KUKSI, TRAVIS LOUIS, GRIS GRIMLY, WILLIAM BASSO, JASON D’AQUINO, BOB TYRRELL and others, plus an original music compilation and tons more! The issue will be the focus of a media blitz including but not limited to a month long city wide postering campaign in anticipation of its release.

To commemorate the event, RUE MORGUE will also be celebrating this important milestone in its 13 year history with RUE MORGUE CELEBRATES BLACK 100 (Friday May 7, 2010 @ Revival Event Theatre – 783 College St. doors: 10 PM). Sponsored by Anchor Bay Entertainment and Warner Bros Home Entertainment, the highly publicized black carpet event will feature a host of electrifying performances and celebrity guests including GEORGE ROMERO and others TBA, along with a very special performance from sinister synth duo SQUID LID, the ever popular Rue Morgue Go-Go Ghouls, Suicide Girls and the sinister sounds of Shannon and LaMort. All this and the unveiling of the official guest list for the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear National Horror Expo 2010! Black dress code will be in effect.

RUE MORGUE’s 100th EDITION SPECIAL ISSUE and BLACK 100 celebration will be the focus of an aggressive awareness campaign on Rue Morgue Magazine,, The Official Notice From the Rue Morgue House of Horror weekly newsletter, and ongoing promotion from our media partners.

Tickets for RUE MORGUE Celebrates BLACK 100 are $20 at the door or in advance directly from: or in person at the Rue Morgue House of Horror (2926 Dundas Street West, Toronto – weekdays 10-6 PM).

Now in its 13th publishing year, RUE MORGUE is home of Canada’s leading magazine of horror entertainment (Rue Morgue Magazine), the world’s original all horror broadcast (Rue Morgue Radio), and multi award-winning horror film production company (Rue Morgue Cinema).


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"Graverobber, Graverobber..."

Perhaps not unexpectedly, the cult of director Darren Lynn Bousman’s oddball Goth rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera — the one that co-starred Paris Hilton, Skinny Puppy’s Ogre and Buff’y‘s Anthony Stewart Head — continues to thrive, with multiple “shadow casts” (who, Rocky Horror Picture-style, act out the on-screen action live and in costume) popping up across North America in the wake of its release back in the fall of ’08. Toronto’s company, the “Repo! Shadow Cats,” are celebrating their one-year anniversary this Friday, Jan. 22, at The Bloor Theatre with a special Repo burlesque show “where all your favourite Repo characters will be stripping down” apparently. Largo, too?

Bousman will be there and The Dark Lord Bunnykins is trying to wrangle the man into an on-camera interview to discuss the Repo! phenomenon yet again. We’ll also ask about his upcoming re-imagining of the Troma “classic” Mother’s Day, his recent wedding, and his thoughts on that other organ repossession film coming out this spring, Repo Men.

So come out to the Bloor to “celebrate one year of organ reposessions, blood, boobs and dirty humour.”

More details are available on the Shadow Cats’ Facebook page:

See you at the opera!