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Posted in Beauty, Movies with tags , , , , , , , , on October 25, 2011 by darklordbunnykins

Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar’s penchant for transgression has not diminished over the years. His latest, The Skin I Live In, casts Antonio Banderas as Dr. Ledgard, a plastic surgeon (and mad scientist) who keeps a woman (Elena Anaya) locked up in his clinic and conducts various procedures on her. Shades of Georges Franju’s Eyes Without a Face, although the film is actually inspired by the melodramatic Thierry Jonquet novel Tarantula.

The DLB recently spoke to Elena Anaya during the Toronto International Film Festival where I asked her if she considered Skin to be a horror film:

“It’s a cold horror film. I think horror with no blood, with no screams. It’s something that is starting to leave you frozen, like in a creepy, scary way. Like this question inside that you make to ask yourself like, ‘What’s going on here? Who are they? Who is she? What is their relationship?’ and then the answer comes — poof — it really cuts you.”

The Skin I Live In opens in Canada Oct. 28.