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Proving that the love of horror is worldwide is Cape Town’s 10-day Horrorfest. Running Oct. 28 to Nov. 5, Horrorfest, now in its sixth year, is the Halloween event in Africa and includes screenings of new and old films, shorts, a live soundtrack performance by The Makabra Ensemble (, prizes & giveaways, and an amazing after party.

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HORRORFEST 2009 Extensive Update

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South African
5th Anniversary
Halloween Season
29 October – 6 November
@ The Labia Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa

For its half decade anniversary, HORRORFEST V is set to yet again prove its place as the most exciting and diverse Halloween-season event on the continent.

Across 29 October – 6 November at the legendary Labia Theatre (Orange Str., Cape Town), expect a myriad of rare-, classic- & indie movies, plus (over 6 hours of) short films (across 3 collections) on the big screen; special pre-release screenings of 2 new cinematic releases; Halloween dress-up; a live soundtrack performed to the screening of a silent horror/chiller by THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE (consisting of members from TERMINATRYX,  LARK and other talented special guests), a new literary addition; and of course cool prizes & give-aways (including a sizable production prize for the best locally produced short flick).

HORROFEST V Special Guest:

Unfortunately due to pre-production work on his current project, the months of planning and co-ordinating to get AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON director John Landis to attend the festival with his classic film did not work out.  The movie will still be screened, but we are awaiting word from his publicists on the chances of a Skye link-up with him after the screening of American Werewolf on Sunday 1 November.  
Our thanks go out to The Townhouse Hotel & Conference Centre and Virgin Air for their assistance.

The Movies:

Since its genesis, the HORRORFEST has screened a wide range of chilling movies from around the globe including the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Finland, Spain, Canada, Pakistan, Italy etc., with everything from vampires and zombies, to ghosts, aliens and madmen.  While not limited to this theme, the 2009 HORRORFEST is set to be the year of the Werewolf!

So what better time to screen the genre-defining AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON !  In addition its brand new feature length retrospective documentary BEWARE THE MOON will also be screened.  It features great interviews with all the major cast & crew (incl. director John Landis and special make-up FX artist Rick Baker), and revisits many of the key locations. 

The HorrorFest continues its tradition of giving cinefans the opportunity to see exciting movies on the big screen, with many rare ones which may not even reach South African video stores, now or in the future. 

The full line-up includes:

> PANDORUM – the sneak preview of this Sci-Fi/Horror movie (starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster) will open the festival, with HORRORFEST attendees getting to see this outerspace chiller before the rest of the country.
> The festival will close with another pre-release screening – ZOMBIELAND, starring Woody Harrelson (arrive like a zombie and win cool stuff).
> STRIGOI, a phenomenal take on the vampire myth, shot in Romania where many of these beliefs still run very strong.  (Toronto After Dark winner).
> T.M.A. – The Mystery Address, an amazingly atmospheric piece with an artist returning to his childhood home where the dark and lethal secrets literally boil to the surface.  These two movies were also shot on 35mm as opposed to the current much preferred and more affordable HD format.
> COLIN is an innovative zombie movie from the UK with an interesting twist – it is seen from the zombie’s perspective! (2009 Raindance winner).
> BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE throws together two key ingredients of the classic slasher film, girls and a madman!
>The highly unlikely sport of cricket is the focal point of the revenge killer spoof I KNOW HOW MANY RUNS YOU SCORED LAST SUMMER (features Miss Nude Australia Arianna Starr in a cameo).
> THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE is an shockingly original and disturbing take on the demented doctor theme. (Stars German superstar Dieter Laser.
> The SHADOW REALM Short Film Collection will again feature an amazing array from here and abroad, across 3 feature length chapters.
> This year’s live soundtrack performance to a silent classic will be for the 1925 Italian underworld epic, MACISTE IN HELL (Maciste all’inferno), performed by members of TERMINATRYX and LARK, now accumulatively known as THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE.
> DIE-NER (get-it?) is a horror-comedy of errors.  When a killer makes a diner his new slaying ground, he is faced with the dilemma of his victims refusing to stay dead!  Features South African born actress Maria Olsen.
> WICKED WORLD will have its world premier at HORRORFEST V.  Shot on 16mm, this movie started its journey in the 1990s & was completed just before the festival.
> FAMILY DEMONS sees an abused teenager murdering her alcoholic mother, but the parent’s vengeful spirit returns to haunt her.
> THE BLOOD APE represents the grindhouse-underground-trash contingent, celebrating ‘70s exploitation in all its gory glory as an escaped ape wreaks havoc.
> THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (First Sequence) – This shocking and highly original movie depicts a demented surgeon’s psychotic plan to realize his unspeakable creation.  Prepare yourself! Starring German superstar Dieter Laser. 
> In WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON a reporter is sent to Hungary where he’s bitten by a werewolf… he also happens to be having an affair with the U.S. President’s daughter! 
> BLOOD NIGHT: The Legend Of Mary Hachet – A haunting urban legend materializes with a group of teenagers celebrating a bloody anniversary.  Stars Bill Moseley (from The Devil’s Rejects) & is the 2009 Shockerfest winner.
> THE WEREWOLF WOMAN is said to be based on “a true story so brutal and horrifying it was kept from the public for over a century!”  

Screening times will be released shortly (posted first at, & will incl. more extensive movie info).

The Short Film Competition:

Since the creation of the S.A. HorrorFest, the short film section has been an integral part, the organizers adamant to encourage and nurture genre movie making, especially on local soil. The original collection of short movies in 2005 grew from 70 minutes to the mammoth 6hrs+ (across three feature film length collections) in 2008!

Having been with us since 2006, the generous folks at VISUAL IMPACT and HDhub is again on board with a great HD production prize for a week’s shoot & edit including camera, lighting and a MacBook with Final Cut Pro.

The best foreign short film will also be announced (and awarded with an official South African HORRORFEST certificate).  Various top categories (for both short- and feature films screened at the festival) will also be selected.

An additional prize has been added! Something Wicked Magazine is putting up R1000 cash for the best locally written short film screenplay.

Future short- and feature film submission info:

Live Soundtrack Performance:

This year the the customary classic silent movie will again be a rarely seen installment, the 1925 Italian made MACISTE IN HELL (Maciste all’inferno), directed by Guido Brignone – an amazingly visualized trip to rival Dante’s Inferno.

On Halloween night, Paul and Sonja from TERMINATRYX will again be joined on stage by Simon and Sean from LARK (to create a diverse, vibrant and exciting new soundtrack, performing it live to the movie’s screening. This musical collaboration will now be known as THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE, and will also feature additional musical talents Max Starcke and Lara Block.
This performance is always sold out, so booking is essential. Booking opens Monday 26 October: call 021 424 5927

Live sound will be provided by HELLFIRE Productions and live recording overseen by SOUND AND MOTION Studios.

This performance co-incides with the Halloween night dress-up competition.


The HORRORFEST is teaming up with PROVOYEUR and DEVONVALE wine estate for a limited edition HorrorFest wine!  These can be bought at the Labia Theatre during the festival.  On three occasions across the 9-day event, there will be opportunity to taste this fantastic vintage.


This year the poster for the 5th chapter of the annual South African HORRORFEST Film Festival (featuring poster-girl Sonja) was painted by renowned Stellenbosch-based artist Vernon Swart.  View it at the official website.

2009 Festival Announcement DVD give-aways (Twilight & Final Destination):

To celebrate the first official announcement of the 2009 South African HORRORFEST, copies of the highly popular TWILIGHT DVD was up for grabs, (courtesy Nu Metro Home Entertainment).

The Twilight winners are: N. Schiller, M. Charles, C. Findlay, C. Quintana, A. Visser

But there’s more to win, not just before every screening at the HORRORFEST, but right here.  With the 3D release of the 4th FINAL DESTINATION, Nu Metro has 5 DVD box sets of the first trilogy to give away. For competition info, head down to  

Audience Give-Aways:

As is customary, loads of cool audience give-aways will again precede all the shows (courtesy Flamedrop & ENT, Global Discs, Ster Kinekor-, Nu Metro-, Next-, and Sting Home Entertainment). What will also be included this year is an audience poll to allow the audience to vote on favourites and what people would like in the future – from these a winner will get one of the biggest horror DVD collection prizes ever in South Africa! (eligible winners must be present at the ZOMBIELAND screening on 6 November to claim their prize).

SLAMDANCE Africa is giving away a weekend film-school prize!

RUE MORGUE Magazine is giving away a year’s subscription.

The best dressed costumes on Halloween also win some cool goodies (incl. Fangoria Magazines, DVDs, Friday The 13th hockey mask mouse & blood-filled mouse pad sets etc.).

Literature & Dark Photography / Art:

Feel like a good scare in the week running up to Halloween? This year the South African HorrorFest is bringing you even more cold thrills with its literary addition of Bloody Parchment. Join some of South Africa’s best authors gathering in the Lounge Of Horror to share their tales or slices of darkness and the macabre, at The Book Lounge, a week before the HorrorFest on Friday, October 23rd, from 6.30pm until 8pm (71 Roeland Str. / cnr Buitenkant Str.)
So, bring your jack o’ lanterns and RSVP at or 021 462 2425.

An exhibition of horror / dark / fantasy photography and art is being looked at, but may only come to fruition in 2010.
More details to follow.

An Extra Festival Day:

Flamedrop Productions arranged for two pre-release shows, which will extend the festival by a day to Friday 6 November to accommodate the screening of ZOMBIELAND as a festival closer.


Follow the South African HORRORFEST preparations, updates, news clips, info and competitions leading up to the festival and happenings during its run at the Labia Theatre.

The 50-Day Countdown to the 5th annual South African HORRORFEST is underway!  The countdown features something different every day, from news and updates, to features, interviews, prizes and more. You can get the countdown by following the SAhorrorfest on Twitter, or by joining the Facebook Group (which includes all of the countdown chunks) :