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MACABRE MUSIC: Rammstein at Rock in Rio-Lisboa 2010

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German rock stars will fire up the City of Rock

Rammstein at Rock in Rio-Lisboa 2010

Lisbon, February 17th 2010 – The organization of Rock in Rio-Lisbon has just confirmed Rammstein’s upcoming appearance at the largest music and entertainment event of the world. The internationally most successful German band of today will fire-up the World Stage on a day dedicated to heavy rock fans.

Formed in Berlin in 1994, two–time Grammy nominee Rammstein has managed what few German bands can claim to have done: be successful outside of the country singing in German! The live concerts, which join a strong theatrical component to impressive visual and pyrotechnic effects, making their performances captivating for everyone, is one of the explanations for their worldwide success.

The industrial rock band launched their first album “Herzeleid” in 1995, followed by “Sehnsucht” (1997), the project which launched them internationally, “Mutter” (2001), “Reise, Reise” (2004) and “Rosenrot” (2005).

After selling out at Pavilhão Atlântico, Rammstein returns to Portugal to present “Liebe Ist Für Alle Da”, the sixth studio album, no. 1 in Germany among others and in multiple top-10 charts across Europe. Rammstein consider this album to be a genuine product of democracy in the band, where all points of views and ideas are considered until they fit the very personal style that fans recognize.

The public can expect high energy levels at the World Stage, knowing Rammstein’s reputation as masters of live orchestrated chaos!

Rock in Rio-Lisboa’s Official Website:


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Metropolis Records will be releasing a cancer charity compilation entitled “Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer” on February 9th.  This four disc set features unreleased tracks from many notable bands in the goth/industrial scene including Combichrist, Suicide Commando, Assemblage 23, 16Volt, Imperative Reaction, System Syn, Cesium_137 and many more.  “Electronic Saviors” was compiled by Jim Semonik, a well known promoter and DJ in the goth/industrial scene as well as a cancer survivor himself.

16 Volt

All proceeds from the sale of the comp go to charity. Also, it should be noted that when the physical version of the compilation is purchased, included inside the packaging is a digital download card for you to download an extra FIFTH disc worth of music!!

Cesium 137

Disc 1-Diagnosis and Insurance

01.  SMP – Stay Sick
02.  Stromkern – Notes From A War
03.  Boole – Smoking Gun
04.  Interface – Never Say Farewell
05.  Chemlab – Solar Max (The Jimmy Semtex Coil)
06.  Bow Ever Down – Goodbye
07.  The Gothsicles – Jim, Let Me Know When You Can Drink Again (Extreme Party Stylezz)
08.  Terrorfakt – Painkiller
09.  16Volt – Things Unkind
10.  Rein[Forced] – Malignancy (Pancreatitis Mix)
11.  Ego Likeness – Save Your Serpent (Light As A Feather Mix)
12.  Burikusu!!! – 7 Dimensional
13.  Inure – Rapture
14.  Cesium_137 – Endure (Encoder Mix)
15.  Cyanotic – Axiome (Post Affliction Mix Feat 16Volt)
16.  Silent Auction – Deliverance
17.  Terror Firma Sky – Cancerous Catalyst Converter

Disc 2-Chemotherapy and Radiation

01.  The Dark Clan – Beat It, Kill It
02.  The Azoic – Search And Destroy (Savior Mix)
03.  genCAB – Version 2  (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
04.  Christ Analogue – The Fight
05.  Prometheus Burning Feat Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced] – Malignant Disco
06.  Boxed Warning – Run First
07.  Assemblage 23 – Impermanence (Flight AC-112 Mix)
08.  I:Scintilla – From A Wasteland To A Dream
09.  Imperative Reaction – Giving In To The Change (Assemblage 23 Mix)
10.  ThouShaltNot – Sick
11.  Combichrist – Nosepad
12.  Sonik Foundry – Stigmata
13.  XuberX – Fear Is Fear
14.  Mindless Faith – Into The Wind
15.  Cyber Strukture – Some Sorta Rhythmic Machine
16.  vircon – Count Backwards From Ten
17.  Jordan Decay – The Great War

Disc 3-Surgery

01.  Deathline Int’l – Breaking
02.  Encoder featuring Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced] and Patricia Wake – Jim’s Song
03.  Vicious Alliance – Right Beside You (Save Me Now Mix)
04.  backandtotheleft – Maybe Today
05.  Nachtmahr – Katharsis (Purification Mix)
06.  Null Device – Under the Gun (Immune Response Mix)
07.  Suicide Commando – Until We Die (Winter Edit)
08.  Agnes Wired For Sound – Don’t Worry (We’ll Meet Up Again)
09.  System Syn – Blood (2009 Edit)
10.  Acumen Nation – The Juice Of Rotted Fruit
11.  Aesthetic Perfection – The Ones (genCAB Mix)
12.  Dismantled – Not Me
13.  FGFC820 – Children Of Decay (Northborne Mix)
14.  Everything Goes Cold – I’ve Sold Your Organs On The Black Market To Finance The Purchase Of A Used Minivan (I Don’t Want Those Organs If There’s Cancer In Them Mix)
15.  Leæther Strip – The Scalpel Song (Neoplasm Edit)
16.  Mordacious – Sleeping Beauty
17.  Flesh Field – Detritus Of Reason

Disc 4-Recovery

01.  Noisuf-X – White Noise (Gift Mix)
02.  Hardwire – I Am Forever
03.  The Atomica Project – Transmission
04.  Massiv In Mensch featuring Mind.In.A.Box – Supermassive Gravity (Endanger Mix)
05.  SD6 – Free (Interface Mix)
06.  Obscenity Trial – Here And Now (Banging Mix by XP8)
07.  Alter Der Ruine VS Premeditated Light – Dawn
08.  nolongerhuman – Survival
09.  Iris – Imposter (ThouShaltNot Remix)
10.  Debutante – Alive
11.  Andraculoid – You Tried To Kill Me, But I Killed You First
12.  Deviant UK – Access Denied (Rotersand Mix)
13.  Hypefactor – The Sweetest Soul (Rex Mix)
14.  Freezepop – Duct Tape My Heart (Chinese Theatre Remix)
15.  Spahn Ranch – In The Aftermath (Moroder Mix)
16.  Caustic – Jim Made Cancer His Bitch

Disc 5-Bonus Medication (Digital Download)

01.  Wreckcreation – Incomplete Me (Remix)
02.  Borderlines – Visualization
03.  AimOniA – Three
04.  Beloved Dead – Twist Of Fate
05.  Derek C. F. Pegritz – Please Let Me Go
06.  Molecule Party – Riser
07.  Patricia Wake – Peaceful Shores
08.  Neurobash – Left 4 Dead
09.  Jon Zaremba – The Best Way To Tear Anything Down Is To Blast!
10.  Less Like Flesh – Virus Free
11.  EVP – Schrödinger
12.  Surviving The Odyssey – Dissolving The Sanity
13.  Retar-D2 – EXTRA LIVES!
14.  The Hose Face – Dread
15.  Sachem Orenda – Evident Product Of Effort
16.  TowerOpensFire – With Heavy Hands