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The DLB recently sat down with Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli to discuss his TV show The River, amongst other things. This is part two of our discussion:


Have you had any problems with censors yet?

You always deal with the standards & practices, and you have to negotiate with them, how many times can you use a bleeped version of seven word, but it important for us to create a sense of realism so we wanted the characters to be able to curse as they naturally would just the way the intended so we would bleep it out.

And we never really meant to go for too much gore anyways, so that was never our intention so we didn’t experience too many problems with that.

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The Oren Peli-produced TV show The River, about a team of camera-equipped adventurers documenting their attempted rescue of a beloved nature show TV host (Bruce Greenwood), debuts tonight, and The DLB recently had the chance to talk to Peli (best known as the director of Paranoral Activity) about it:

What is your background as a horror fan?

I’m not specifically a horror fan. I like any good movie or TV show, so I do like some of the horror movies that are more like the slow burn ones, stuff like Rosemary’s Baby and The Others, Sixth Sense. Not so much the slasher horror movies. So that’s the kind of stuff I’m usually drawn to.

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Starring Rose Byrne, Patrick Watson and Lin Shaye

Directed by James Wan

Directed by Leigh Whannell



The fact that Insidious is the most profitable film of 2011 is heartening for those of us who appreciate original horror. This comeback from directing-writing team James Wan and Leigh Whannell – the minds behind the original Saw – is a clever twist on the well-worn haunted house genre, one which eschews the gore and degradation into which their franchise property fell.

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Insidious is out in theatres now so go support it or never complain again about the lack of original horror films. Got it? Good. Anyway…

Here is the final part of the DLB’s interview with filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Here we discuss the film’s scary score, courtesy of Joseph Bishara (Repo! The Genetic Opera) and the involvement of their producers, including Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli.

How important is sound design and Joseph Bishara’s music to making Insidious as scary as it is?

James: Because Insidious is all about me hearkening back to my love of classic haunted house movies, very old school horror, old school ghost story here, and the best way to represent that is not just through the visuals, not just through the camera work and production design but the score is such an important part.

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The new horror film Insidious opens tomorrow (April 1). Will you be going to see it? Here director James Wan and screenwriter/actor Leigh Whannell discuss coming back to original horror, how the film has changed since its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, and the creation of the screenplay


What was it like coming back to an original horror property which horror fans don’t always support.

James: Which is ironic. They always complain that there’s no original stuff, but when original stuff comes along, like Splice, no one goes and sees it which is so annoying.

It definitely is tough because the tough aspect of that is that a studio looks at that, right, or the financing company looks at that and goes, ‘Well, why should we finance original stuff when no one wants to go see it, when we can just make sequels that people are already aware of and has a built-in brand name?

So it’s definitely tricky, but that’s part of the reason why when we started making Insidious [we wanted] to make it as low-budget as we can so we don’t have any of those problems. There’s a big difference between making a film for less than a million dollars than let’s say making a movie for three million dollars, which is still super low budget…


Leigh: Or $15 million where all of a sudden people’s opinions count.

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Insidious, one of the best original American horror films to come out in awhile, gets a wide theatrical release this Friday, April 1, and The DLB suggests you stop complaining about all the remakes and sequels clogging up cinemas and go see it.

Leigh Whannell (l) & James Wan (r) of "Insidious." Photo: Sean Plummer

Insidious stars Patrick Watson (Watchmen) and Rose Byrne (Get Him To The Greek) as Josh and Renai, young parents whose son Dalton (Ty Simkins) falls into what appears to be a coma. To make matters worse, the couple’s house appears to be haunted. But it’s not the house that’s haunted, it’s their son.

I sat down in Toronto last week with Insidious‘s director James Wan and screenwriter/co-star Leigh Whannell to discuss the film, as well as the legacy of Saw, the first film they worked on together which, of course, went on to make tons of money and spawn multiple sequels of varying quality. I’ll be presenting that interview throughout the week. Here the duo talks about the impact of Saw upon their lives.

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The DLB got the chance this afternoon to interview James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the Australian duo responsible for directing and writing/starring in the original Saw film. Their latest collaboration is a genuinely spooky old-school ghost story with a twist. Insidious opens April 1st and I’ll be posting bits of the interview in the lead-up to that date.

In the meantime, here is some video from that interview where I ask James to explain his take on Insidious‘s demon.